Kundali Bhagya 7 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Rishabh yells at Preeta

Preeta went to take the proof and Rishabh asks Sherlyn, do you have an affair with Prithvi. Sherlyn says no I didn’t. Preeta takes the phone out of the pillow and brings it downstairs. She tells Rishabh that I have recorded their whole romantic act in the phone. Sherlyn gets shocked but Prithvi winks at her and smiled. Preeta tries to find the video in her phone but it was deleted. Sherlyn and Preeta started having an argument in front of Rishabh. Rishabh shouts enough. Preeta says but Rishabh Ji. Rishabh screams at her saying Preeta Ji enough.


Preeta went upstairs in her room and Prithvi came in the room. He started making fun of her then Prithvi told her how he deleted the video. Preeta tells her that if not today then I will expose you tomorrow. Prithvi threatens her to not to make him angry. Preeta tells him not to threat her and says get lost to him.

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Prithvi meets Sherlyn and he says that we will be successful at any cost. He tells Sherlyn to stay away from him for some day and also manipulate Rishabh against Preeta Ji. Sherlyn says that I will trap him with my love and then I will fill poison in his mind against Preeta.

Sherlyn went to Rishabh’s room and she asked him that do you trust me. Rishabh says yes I trust you. She says that I am ready to have a baby with you. Sherlyn leaves. Rishabh thinks that the difference between Sherlyn and Preeta Ji is that Sherlyn needs to ask him to trust her but Preeta Ji didn’t and he know what Preeta Ji said there will definitely be a reason behind it.

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