Bigg Boss 15 Day 6 EP 7 Oct 2021 Written Details – Karan Kundrra breaks OTT Contestants Unity, Shamita vs Pratik Fight

On Day 6 of Bigg Boss 15 all the housemates woke up on morning song Ladki beautiful Kar Gayi Chull. Jay Bhanushali seen talking to Karan Kundrra that we failed to take the map and Karan responds saying that we have not applied pressure on them until now. Later in the day Afsana Khan brought jaggery from main house contestants kitchen and Shamita told Nishant to tell them that this is not right.

Nishant talked to Karan and he tells him that this is again Bigg Boss rules. Karan told him to not to teach him rule and warned him that now we are coming to make your life a hell. Vishwa Sundari tells Miesha to tell all the contestants that she wants to talk to them and Miesha called them.

Vishwa Sundari tells OTT contestants that they have 2 options – Either they will get all of their luggage or they will get their luggage and map as well but they have to sacrifice 5 suitcases for that. Jungle contestants sacrificed 5 suitcases.

Pratik stood near the cave to stop jungle contestants from taking the map and during that Karan Kundrra took the bathroom key and also Pratik’s luggage. Jungle contestants successfully retrieved the map and Karan warned Shamita that we will take your luggage as well if Pratik did not stopped.

Pratik and Shamita had a huge fight between them and Jungle contestants enjoyed their unity getting broken. Later at night Vishal Kotian gave Shamita Shetty his shoulder to cry but soon after he told Jay that he is doing this to create rift in their team. Nishant tells Pratik that we don’t have any unity among our team of 3.

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