Kundali Bhagya 6 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Preeta tells Rishabh about Sherlyn Prithvi affair

Kritika asks Prithvi why are you doing so much care of me and he tells her that your birthday is coming so I am thinking what should I gift you. Sherlyn in her room messages Prithvi and tells him to meet her tomorrow in the backside of the house. Next morning Sameer decides to propose Srishti and he tells Rishabh about it and he says that I will make video call but you have to sit with me. Sameer makes a video call to Srishti and tells her I love you but suddenly Sarla came there and Sameer said we were saying I love you to you Sarla aunty.

Rishabh went with Kritika for shopping at mall. Sherlyn went to meet Prithvi and they started saying that we fooled Preeta and we can never be away from each other. Preeta overhears their conversation and went to tell about it to Rishabh. Kareena and Rakhi maa informed Preeta that Rishabh went with Kritika.

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Preeta records the whole conversation of Sherlyn and Prithvi in her phone and then she called Rishabh and tells him to return back home. Rishabh comes back and Preeta tells him that Sherlyn and Prithvi are having an affair. Rishabh starts shouting Sherlyn’s name and She came. Rishabh asked her about what Preeta revealed to him. Sherlyn says Preeta is lying. Preeta says I have proof and Sherlyn & Prithvi gets shocked.

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