Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar Spoilers 17 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Farah ranks contestants, Bhuvan Bam guest appearance

Iconic Indian singer Bappi Lahiri made a guest appearance on todays Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss Season 15. Salman and all the contestants paid him a tribute by dancing on his popular songs like Disco Dancer. Afsana Khan said I love to wear gold just like you Bappi da and Salman said she is female Bappi da.

Salman Khan played a battery drain task game with contestants in which he told them to to elect the person they think is the most drained out. Each participant gets a battery prop, out of which a charge will be taken from the contestants by their housemates. Most of the contestants named Donal Bisht because of her sloppiness.

Shamita Shetty while taking Donal’s charge out said that she focus a lot on that people don’t like her.

Vishal Kotian says that Donal takes a lot of time in explaining but if she uses the same amount of time in making relations in the house then she will go a long way.

Salman also played a fun shower task with the contestant in which he asked various questions to Shamita, Karan, Jay, & Vishal and if their answer will not match with the contestants then coloured water will fall on them.

  • Salman asks Vishal – Does Karan uses people to move ahead in the game and Vishal said Yes sir.
  • Salman asks Karan – Is Jay degrading his image by abusing again & again and Karan said Yes.
  • Salman asks Karan – Did you made a mistake bu trusting Vishal – Karan said it was Vishal’s loss
  • Salman asks Jay – Does Afsana knows how to use the opportunity in her favour and Jay said Yes sir
  • Salman asks Karan – Is Shamita bossy and Karan said Yes
  • Salman asks Shamita – Is Jay trustworthy and Shamita took too much time to think, Salman said I got the answer.

Bhuvan Bam made a guest appearance and Salman asked him do you watch Bigg Boss and he says that I watch it on mute. Bhuvan did a commentary on the BB15 clip with a marriage catering situation and Salman enjoyed it.

Farah Khan enters the house and she played a ranking game with the contestants but most of the contestants stood on rank 1. Farah then ranked the contestants by herself. She said that Shamita doesn’t need Vishal and she can play a solo game.

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