Kundali Bhagya 30 March 2022 written updates full episode – Prithvi apologized to Nagre, Luthras celebrated Holi

Karan tells Sameer that he has is very happy today because he has followed his advice and apologized to Preeta. Sameer says what happened after that. Karan says I won’t tell you in detail. Sameer says don’t you feel insecure that Preeta bhabhi is the owner of this house. Karan says no because its the money of our family and a family member is handling it.

Prithvi was getting worried in jail and he says that he has made a big mistake by fighting with both Sherlyn and Nagre. He requested cosntable for his mobile phone to make a phone call and Constable opened the cell. Prithvi makes the call to Nagre and he requested him to meet him tomorrow morning.

Sherlyn saw Natasha in a face mask and she got scared. Natasha says I wore it because tomorrow is Holi and I want to look good. Sherlyn remembers Prithvi fighting with her in jail and she had a plan. Sherlyn says now she will destroy Luthras & Preeta with this plan and will also show Prithvi Malhotra what she is capable of.

Janki, Srishti, and Biji came to Luthra house to celebrate holi. They brought Gujiya with them and gave it to Mahesh. Mahesh had a thandai drinking competition with Karan and Sameer. Janki asks does this thandai has Bhaang in it. Bijit sits with Janki on the table and drinks thandai by mixing alcohol in it.

Nagre comes to meet Prithvi again in the prison cell. Pradeep says you are a very shameless person because firstly he hired you, then fired you, then again hired you. Nagre says its because he very well knows that nobody can save him apart from me. Prithvi apologized to Nagre for misbehaving with him and he says he is worried that till the time he is in jail, Preeta will snatch away everything from him. Nagre says that was my prediction.

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