Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 24 April 2021 Written – Harman takes care of Soumya’s feet

Soumya was sitting outside the farmhouse as the door was locked. She says Harman is very stubborn. Harman tries to find the key under the flower vase and Soumya says how come this imposter knows this much about her family.

Harman says without keys also he will enter. Harman comes to Soumya and takes her hairpin. Soumya feels awkward. Harman opens the lock with hairpin and Soumya asks him you know how to open a lock. Harman says will you call me a thief now.

Soumya goes inside and feels pain in her feet. She misses Harman saying she spent many holidays here with him. Harman comes with cold water for Soumya. He says I know you won’t trust me that I am Harman but you will get relief if you put your feet in it. He then gives oil to Soumya saying Preeto used to give massage to Harak Singh for giving him relief. It works well.

Soumya recalls Preeto giving massage to Harak Singh. She gets surprised. Harman then gives Soumya kadha and tells her to drink it. Harman says Soumya only said this kadha can cure all kind of pain. Soumya gets even more surprised. Harman says he is feeling hungry, he goes in the kitchen.

Soumya cleans her leg using towel. Harman says he will apply the oil. She can allow him as she can’t do it alone. Harman says even a stranger helps somebody for humanity. Spumya and Harman look at each other. He applies the oil. (Tu hi mera khuda plays) Harman offers her noodles but Soumya says she won’t eat it. Harman says he knew it that’s why he only made it for himself. He enjoys having noodles and Soumya feels hungry and looks at Harman.

Harman smiles. He says he is going to check watchman has come or not. Soumya then checks Harman finished the noodles. Soumya goes to check in the kitchen. She gets one letter there Harman writes don’t waste your time in finding food. as it is finished. Soumya checks the pan and after seeing noodles there she starts eating it. She gobbles it and coughs.

Harman gives Soumya water. Soumya says you wanted to help me, I ate food as well. Now you may go. Harman says when someone helps you, you should thank him/her. Soumya says I am only being rude, I can mistreat you even more but you should be thankful enough that I am telling you to go only.

Soumya and Harman hear firing sound and Soumya holds Harman’s hand in fear. Harman and Soumya share a moment. Harman tells her to stay there. He goes outside to check. He gets into dark room and sees one black cat. He shouts. Soumya hears the scream and takes belan.

Soumya laughs looking at Harman’s scary face. She says you are scared of cat. Harman says why you came? Soumya says Harman ji told her to help people if they need help. The cat disappears. Harman asks why she came with belan? Soumya adds its every Indian woman’s strength. They can defeat anyone using this. Harman before leaving tells Soumya he will come back again and will prove that he is her Harman only.

Preeto and Harak Singh arrive at farmhouse. Soumya tells she will make food for them. Preeto says some other person also came with them. Soumya gets shocked seeing Harman. Preeto reveals due to his car’s mechanical fault they gave lift to him.

Preeto says they were planning to invite him for dinner, and now he is here so he will stay here for seven days. Soumya gets shocked and says he has not come with his clothes and other stuffs. Harman says he carries clothes with him for emergency purpose. Raavi Mahi and other members also reach. Mahi wonders seeing Harman what he is doing here. She recalls that day when Harman came to meet Soumya at late night.

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