Imlie Episode 16 September 2021 Written Update – Kunal decides to fight Imlie’s

Aparna says Malini is still Aditya’s wife and what happened behind closed doors we don’t know. She further says Malini was also drugged so this case can also go against us. She blamed Imlie for all this. Aditya grabs Imlie’s hand and takes her outside. He tells Imlie to withdraw the case against Malini. Imlie refuses to withdraw the case. Aditya says we don’t have enough evidence. Aditya says we both were wrong that night but I have to take the responsibility. Imlie says even a woman can do wrong. Aditya says I know you are doing this to save me. Imlie says I just want the criminal to get punished. Imlie says Malini will get punished and now the court will decide.

Malini gets the bail from police station. Lawyer says they will take the case back themselves as it a very weak case. Dev asks Malini whatever Imlie was saying is it true. Anu says they are still husband wife. Dev asks Malini again did Aditya romanced you with consent. Lawyer says no one will listen to Imlie in court and nothing bad will happen to Malini.

Dulari says to Tripathi family to bring Samosa as Malini’s dark show is out of here. Harish says are you out of your mind. Dulari says definitely Malini has done something wrong. Aparna says Malini has not done anything wrong as whatever happened is with consent. Rupali says to Aparna you are just assuming and let the court decide.

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Malini comes with Anu to Tripathi house and she started crying hugging Aparna. Imlie asks how did you get out of jail. Anu says if the case is false then bail can be granted easily. She warned her to take the case back otherwise she will attack Tripathi family next. Harish says even we don’t want to take this case forward but Imlie is not listening to anyone, don’t know what she wants. Aditya apologizes to Malini.

Malini says to Aditya don’t apologize as you are not at fault. Anu says only Imlie is at fault. She taunted Imlie that I think you have not got a lawyer. Kunal came and says I will fight Imlie’s case as I know Malini very well and if she is actually culprit then I don’t have any problem in getting her punished. Aditya tries to stop him but Malini says let him fight Aditya when my sister can frame me in a false case then what I can expect from strangers. Anu and Malini leaves.

Kunal asks Tripathi family to tell what happened that night. Harish says no one will help you and tells everyone to go inside. Kunal tells Aditya to help me for Imlie’s sake. Aditya says I don’t remember anything. Kunal says then how are you saying that Imlie is wrong. Aditya says I can’t understand anything.

Malini gets worried that now Kunal is fighting Imlie’s case. Anu says he won’t be able to prove anything without proof and you just focus on Aditya. Kunal tells Imlie that fight going forward is going to be very hard then, point no. 1 – Aditya doesn’t support you and point no. 2 – Anu ji will try to destroy the evidence. Imlie says Malini committed a crime. Kunal says our chances of winning are less. Imlie says I won’t accept defeat and I will fight.

Mithi tells Imlie I am with you but the people whom you are fighting for have become you enemies then what will you do. Imlie says even I don’t know what to do after filing the case but Kunal encourage me. Mithi case but Kunal loves Malini but he is your lawyer so can he go against Malini.

Precap: Harish says that court has sent the notice and they want all of us to participate in this case as witness. Anu tell Malini that this case will get dismissed as she has made some arrangements so the Tripathi’s won’t be able to reach court. Dev hears them.

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