Bigg Boss 14 Grand Premiere Episode 3 October 2020 Written Updates, Toofani Seniors Decisions and More

Bigg Boss welcomed the audience and tells that before the start of the show all the contestants got quarentined for 14 days and the whole house was being sanitized. Salman Khan comes on stage and says Ab Scene Paltega. Salman Khan makes a grand entry on the stage and gives intro mentioning the sponsors. Salman jokes about how bad a year 2020 was. Anil Kapoor, Sidharth Shukla and Mouni Roy were in the audience (It was a fake editing trick) and Salman jokes around with them. Finally Salman reveals that there is no real audience and says virtual audience will be here as its WFHWatch From Home.’

Salman Khan reveals that three people are already in the house and these are the people who have already won your hearts and they were Sidharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan.

Gauahar Khan gave a sizzling hot performance on Oye Oye song and during her performance she says that she loves cooking while standing in BB house. Gauahar says last time I followed rules but this time I will make rules.

Hina Khan makes an entry on Wakhra Swag song and the past clips from her Bigg Boss 11 journey were shown to her. Hina warns the contestants to be careful as they will face Sher Khan and then she danced on Wakhra Swag.

Sidharth Shukla makes an entry on ‘Boss title song’ and the moments from his Bigg Boss 13 journey were shown. Sidharth then danced on Boss title track. Sidharth says I will make it tough for the contestants.

All 3 of them (Sidharth, Gauahar and Hina) sat together and they said ab scene paltega.

Salman says that these three (Sidharth, Gauahar and Hina) will rule over the Bigg Boss 14 house for next 14 days.

Sidharth Shukla says he will rule over the bedrooms and he will decide who will sleep inside or who will sleep outside.

Gauahar Khan says she will rule over the Kitchen.

Hina Khan says she will rule over contestants personal belongings.

Salman Khan says that for next two weeks all contestants will be put in TBC ‘To Be Confirmed’ status and Sidharth, Hina and Gauahar will decide which contestants will go into the next level.

Salman invites all three of them on stage and he starts joking with Sidharth, Hina and Gauahar. Salman says that all 3 of them were already being quarantined for 14 days before coming here. Gauahar says that they all got tested for 3 times and they are Covid negative. Salman hugged all of them.

Salman puts Hina Khan in Katghara box and he asks her a few questions :

1. Who can do anything for task and can go to any extent between Gauahar and Sidharth?

Hina Khan answers Sidharth Shukla

2. Whoo is the better leader between Gauahar and Sidharth?

Hina answers Gauahar Khan

3. Who treats relations better at house between Gauahar and Sidharth?

Hina answers Gauahar Khan

4. Who is more entertaining among Gauahar and Sidharth?

Hina answers Sidharth Shukla

5. Who is more kaamchor between Gauahar and Sidharth?

Hina answers Sidharth Shukla

6. If Gauahar and Sidharth were in the same season then who you would’ve voted for?

Hina answers Sidharth Shukla (Salman says Gauahar no problem you have my vote and Gauahr says awwww).

Finally Salman tells Hina Khan to come out of Katghara box

Sidharth Shukla went inside the Katghara

Salman showed old tweets of Gauahar Khan which she made during Bigg Boss Season 14 criticizing Sidharth.

Gauahar Khan says tthat her top two complains for Sidharth Shukla are :

1. Sidharth Shukla just thinks about himself as per Gauahar

2. Sidharth Shukla abuses a lot as per Gauahar

Salman Khan asks what qualities will you look for in the contestants. Gauahar says Leadership qualities and how much they value this house. Hina says I want to see real personalities. Sidharth says I want to see who is more entertaining. Salman warned them to be careful before entering the house and gave them the title tag of ‘Toofani Seniors.’ Salman Khan further says that the 3rd degree treatment of contestants by them will start from today onwards and the fate of this Season depends on all three of them.

Sidharth Shukla, Gauahar Khan and Hina Khan are the Toofani Seniors of Bigg Boss Season 14

Sidharth, Hina and Gauahar entered the house and they sat on a chair as Sidharth sat in the centre. Radhe Maa was shown as she was already in the house and Bigg Boss welcomed her and the audience as well.

First contestant came with a introduction video package and it was ‘Eijaz Khan.’ Eijaz gave a performance on Tera Baap Aaya song. Salman asks him after the performance that you haven’t forgot how to dance. Eijaz and Salman were former dancer partners it seems. Eijaz reveals that his nickname at home is Gabbar. He further reveals that he likes animals a lot more then the humans. Salman says you are sweating a lot and it seems you are thirsty as well.

A voice sounds what you want to have Tea, Coffee or Me. Second Contestant, South film actress ‘Nikki Tamboli‘ makes an entrance on Dilbar song. A video package forr Nikki was shown and she says that she is hot, sexy and will play with guys emotions in the house and will break their hearts. Salman jokes with Eijaz and Nikki says it seems they both have similar personalities. Nikki says that guys flirts with her and girls get jealous because of that. Salman mocks her. Nikki begins to act like Shehnaaz Gill from previous season. She tells Salman that she loves to break hearts. Nikki says that she has watched all the previous seasons of the show and she wants to entertain people. Tamboli says that people will enjoy her stay in the house a lot because she is very bubbly. Sidharth, Gauahar and Hina were watching them from outside and they made fun of Nikki. Salman asks Nikki how you keep yourself away from stress and she says that she likes to pamper herself a lot. Salman says that Eijaz has a problem with touch and Nikki did a dance on touch me, touch me song getting too much touchy touchy with Eijaz.

Salman asks Pandit Janardhan for prediction for Nikki Tamboli and he says that she is very clever and she can manipulate anyone. For Eijaz Khan, Janardhan baba says that Eijaz will be more successsful ass a lone wolf and has a chance of winning the show. Pandit Janardhan also tells Salman that there is no scope for Salman Khan’s marriage at the time.

Salman says that before enterting the house you need to give a test and your BBQ ‘Bigg Boss Quotient’ will be measured and our special audience will decide whether you go in or not. Salman brings the task setup and they both need to find the medal from the dirty water and Nikki Tamboli wins the task.

Salman asks Sidharth, Hina and Gauahar whether Nikki Tamboli gets selected or rejected and they selected Tamboli after which she entered the house.

Nikki Tamboli gets Selected by Toofani Seniors

Salman asks Sidharth, Hina and Gauahar whether Eijaz Khan gets selected or rejected and they selected Eijaz after which he entered the house.

Eijaz Khan gets Selected by Toofani Seniors

After entering the house Eijaz Khan sits on the couch waiting for other contestants to enter the show.

Nikki Tamboli entered the house and she faces Sidharth, Hina and Gauahar and they said that they are the special audience and now they will decide whether she will enter the house. They gave Tamboli a task to seduce Sidharth and convince him to leave the girl he’s about to marry and marry her instead. Nikki gave a performance and it was somewhat cringeworthy (funny for some). After the performance they told her that now she can enter the house but its still TBC.

Nikki enters the house and she gets excited seeing the whole house. She meets Eijaz inside and tells him that she wants a double bed as she can have friendship easily. Eijaz says that he has opted for a single bed then Nikki tells him that you can’t stay alone here, Eijaz says I know.

Salman introduced the next two contestants and they were a married couple. ‘Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla,’ they gave a performance on Saari Raat Neend Naa Aave song. Salman had a fun conversation with both of them regarding their marriage problems. Rubina and Abhinav talked about how they met and connected with each other.

Salman then did a BBQ test of Rubina and Abhinav. They both had to face the journalists questions as there’s going to be a press conference. Amit Tyagi from Aaj Tak, Geetika Pant from News18, Charul Malik from India TV and Rohit Khilnani from NDTV were present there. They were asked questions from the journalists one by one. Rubina revealed during the questioning that Abhinav is a kaamchor as here cares more about his motorcycle then her salad. Abhi says answering to Charul’s question that he doesn’t like Rubina’s multitasking habit. Rubina explains herself and says it was Abhinav’s mistake. They were asked that it was found from sources that they had some friction in there relation so is it true then they answered we moved on.

Salman did a task with Rubina and Abhinav ‘Kiss Ki Shakti’ as they need to kiss each other and then guess the time. They were off by just 15 seconds in guessing.

Salman Khan then puts the ball in Sidharth, Hina and Gauahar’s court and asks them to decide whether they get selected or rejected. They rejected Rubina after which a Reject stamp was put on Rubina’s forehead. Salman tells her to go and sit in the rejection zone as she has to go through the walk of shame.

Rubina Dilaik gets Rejected by Toofani Seniors

Abhinav Shukla was selected by the Toofani Seniors after which he entered the house and faces all three of them. Sidharth knows Abhinav before Bigg Boss. They gave him a task to do a ramp walk in his trunks but Abhinav refused then instead he did a ramp walk being shirtless. Gauahar made him write on his chest ‘Mujhse Na Ho Payega’ and Hina writes that on Abhinav’s chest after which they allowed Abhinav to enter the house. Abhinav meets Nikki Tamboli and Eijaz Khan inside the house. Tamboli was throwing tantrums that she can’t eat home cooked oily food.

Abhinav Shukla gets Selected by Toofani Seniors

Salman Khan introduced the next contestant and a funny video package for Jasmin Bhasin was shown. Jasmin enters the stage on ‘Baby Ko Base Pasand Hai’ song. Rubina throws a flying kiss at her while sitting in rejection zone. Jasmin talked about her Khatron Ke Khiladi journey with Salman. Jasmin talked about herself saying that she is a misfit for this show, her brother calls her chudail when she gets angry. Jasmin says that her and Rubina stays in the same building but they don’t talk that much. Jasmin further says that she has planned everything. Jasmin tells Salman that she will do all her work but not of others as she is ‘Aatmnirbhar.’ Rubina tells Jasmin that she got rejected but she doesn’t know who’s the special audience.

Time came for Jasmin Bhasin’s BBQ test and Jasmin accidently made fun of Rubina there. Salman asks a question to Jasmin Bhasin :

Is it True that Sidharth and Rashmi’s fight biggest reason was Jasmin Bhasin?

Jasmin Bhasin answers that its a lie.

Salman tells Jasmin that she has to shop for all the contestants tonights dinner in 90 seconds and she has a limited amount of Rs 2020. Jasmin buys Non Veg Biryani and Vegetable Noodles. Salman laughed on her choice.

Time came for special audience decision. Sidharth, Hina and Gauahar selected Jasmin Bhasin to enter the house after some discussion. Salman escorts Jasmin to the house. Jasmin faces Sidharth, Hina and Gauahar after entering the house. Gauahar gave Jasmin a task in which whatever was happening to her she can’t react. Hina cuts Jasmin’s hair and Sidharth breaks a bottle on her head. Jasmin while answering Gauahar’s question says that she will not fall in love on this show and she says that if she had to be friends with one of them then she will do friendship with Hina and be enemy with Gauahar because Gauahar is soft and Hina is strong headed.

Jasmin Bhasin gets Selected by Toofani Seniors

Jasmin enters the house and meets everyone. Nikki Tamboli while talking to Jasmin says that she’s an OCD and Abhinav and Eijaz are sitting on bed in dirty clothes. Tamboli says someone told her that he’s aggressive. After sometime Tamboli had an argument with Eijaz when she said to Bigg Boss to send some good guy. Tamboli had some argument with Eijaz in the kitchen when he tells her to clear the rice in kitchen after which Tamboli started doing back biting of Eijaz with Jasmin and Abhnav.

Salman introduces the next contestant and it was Nishant Singh Malkani after which a video package was shown for him. Nishant seems to be a fitness freak. After his video package, Salman puts sanitizer on his hand and then he shakes hand with Nishant. Salman had a conversation with him and he asked him about his anger and all other qualities. Nishant says that its the biggest moment of his life that he is meeting him. Nishant says that I said Hi to Rubina while coming here but she didn’t respond. Rubina says sorry. Nishant compliments Salman saying that he’s one of the biggest superstar of the world. Nishant says Salman’s popular films dialogues after which Salman delivers them one by one.

Next contestant came and it was Shehzad Deol. Shehzad is a popular model from Punjab and he has done 2 reality shows before and he was a finalist in both of them. Shehzad says that he’s inspired by Waris Ahluwalia and Diljit Dosanjh. Shehzad did Sunny Deol’s acream acting but Nishant did better then him.

Salman then did a BBQ test with Nishant first and he asks him :

What you don’t support in Bigg Boss history – Sidharth’s aggression or Gauahar supporting Kushal?

Nishant Singh Malkani answers Sidharth Shukla’s aggression because he crosses all the limits.

Next question for Shehzad by Salman :

Who he would go on a date with, Gauahar Khan, Hina Khan or Salman Khan?

Shehzad Deol answers Hina Khan because he likes her fashion quotient.

Nisahant tells Salman Khan that he has no problem in getting into a love relation in this house. Shehzad says that he fell in love within minutes as all Punjabis do.

Salman Khan introduces next contestant and she was a popular singer, model and actress from Punjab, ‘Sara Gurpal.‘ Sara sings her very own song ‘Jatti Nu Jatta Tu Chahida song on stage and it was beautiful. Sara did a Punjabi boli in front of Salman, ‘Baari Barsi Khatak Lya C Khatke Layanda Samaan S toh Sara Te S toh Salman. Salman tells Sara that there will soon be a BBQ test of Nishant and Shehzad. Salman then introduces her to Rubina and Rubina tells her that she got rejected.

Salman makes Sara the judge and in first round they did arm wrestling which Nishant won. Second round was Pole dancing and they both did that. In the third round they both had to propose Sara and she has to select one. Shehzad went first and he did it very badly. Nishant said a Sher for Sara and it was a bit better. Sara at last chose Nishant and Shehzad failed.

Time came for the Toofani Seniors decision and Shehzad Deol got selected by them. Nishant got rejected by Sidharth, Hina and Gauahar. Nishant went through the walk of shame and joins Rubina. Sara Gurpal got rejected by Toofani Seniors and she also joins Rubina and Shehzad.

Shehzad Deol gets Selected by Toofani Seniors

Nishant Singh Malkani gets Rejected by Toofani Seniors

Sara Gurpal gets Rejected by Toofani Seniors

Shehzad Deol enters the house and meets everyone. Eijaz tells Jasmin that he snores a lot after which Nikki Tamboli tells him to sleep outside and they both got into an argument but soon after that things calmed down.

Salman then introduces the next contestant for this Season of Bigg Boss and it was Jaan Kumar Sanu. He came on stage singing ‘Soche Ke Tumhe Pyar’ song. Jaan says that his father was very concerned for him when he knew that he was going to the show but later he convinced him. Salman introduces Jaan to all the rejected conmtestants. Salman had a fun conversation with him.

Lightning started and next contestant ‘Pavitra Punia‘ came giving a sizzling performance on ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani.’ Simultaneously a video package was shown for her in which she gave her introduction. Jaan wears a rain coat and glasses after which Salman makes fun of him. Salman introduces Jaan and Pavitra to each other also he introduces Pavitra to the already rejected contestants. Pavitra Punia sings Shaan Se song in front of Salman and he gets impressed. She says she can’t stay without morning tea, pizza and 2 hours peace.

Time comes for BBQ test and Salman gave them placards to them and asked them questions one by one with answers yes or no. But there was a tie between them as per Salman. Toofani seniors selected Pavitra Punia as Hina and Sidharth were in favor of it after which Salman escorts Pavitra to the house.

Pavitra Punia gets Selected by Toofani Seniors

Toofani seniors rejected Jaan Kumar Sanu after which he went through walk of shame and joined Rubina, Nishant and Sara.

Jaan Kumar Sanu gets Rejected by Toofani Seniors

Pavitra Punia gets a task from Toofani Seniors as she was shown all the contestants of this season and has to give her views on them. After the task, Toofani Seniors welcomed her to the show saying that she is still TBC.

Salman then showed Radhe Maa going in the house before all the contestants as she asked for blessings for all the contestants. She went in with her followers as they showed her the whole house. Bigg Boss thanked Radhe Maa that she blessed the house and she says that she will pray this season to go well and whenever Bigg Boss will call her she will definitely come.

Salman Khan then introduced the final contestant and it was Rahul Vaidya. A video package was shown for Rahul as he gave his introduction. Rahul gave a singing performance on stage on Dil Dyan Gallan song after which he sings Salman’s popular song Mere Rang Mein followed by Chunari Chunari song. Salman had a chat with Rahul on stage as he talked about his expensive interests. Rahul says that he has done 1500 shows in the past 15 years. Rahul seens the rejected contestants and Salman tells him about BBQ test.

Salman asks him that he has to make a choice between mother’s phone call or Bigg Boss prediction. Rahul says prediction as his mother is sleeping. Janardhan Baba says to Rahul that he will have a affair at Bigg Boss but will not get married. Salman made a video call with Rahul’s mom and dad. They both were crying and his mother tells him to keep control over his anger.

Time came for Toofani Seniors decision and Rahul Vaidya gets selected. Rahul enters the seniors den. They gave him a task as he needs to get a kiss from a girl inside the house otherwise he cannot sleep.

Rahul Vaidya gets Selected by Toofani Seniors

Salman then says now what will happen to these rejects you will soon find out but definitely a lot of drama is going to happen in the Bigg Boss house in the next few weeks.


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