Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler 30 September 2020 – Abhi pays Prachi’s treatment bill

Rhea meets the truck driver and tells him that Ranbir has seen his truck’s number. Truck driver asks her for double money but Rhea gives him 2 lakh in cash and also gives him her diamond ring. Alia calls Rhea and Rhea went home on her command. Ranbir sees the truck drives and he starts following him in his car. While following the truck driver, Ranbir calls Aryan and asks him for help.

Abhi reaches the hospital and once again him and Pragya passed near from each other without seeing each other. Pragya had an argument with the receptionist on the expensive hospital bill and during that there were many occasions when they both were about to see each other but didn’t (In typical Indian TV serials fashion).

Abhi sees Shahana and he calms her down after which he asks doctor about Prachi’s condition. Doctor tells him that they are giving her the best treaatment but Prachi’s mother thinks that the bill is too much expensive. Abhi says to doctor that he will pay the bill. Abhi went to the receptionist and pays the treatment bill of Prachi. Sarita behan brings money and gives it to Pragya after selling her Jewellery. Pragya gets emotional on this gesture of Sarita behan. Pragya went to pay the bill but receptionist tells her that Pragya’s husband has already paid the bill.

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