ZEE5 Web Series Forbidden Love Episode 2 (Anamika) Written Update

A girl named Anamika (Pooja Kumar) gives medicine to her father-in-law and then she tells him that she is leaving the house. Anamika puts bindi on her forehead and then removes it thinking that he will get shocked but its good for him.

Anmika’s huaband (Harsh Chhaya) was talking to someone on phone and Anamika tries to tell him something but he doesn’t paid any attention. Anamika tries to say that she loves someone but he did not listened. Suddenly he sees something on TV and gets shocked.

Anamika was cooking in the kitchen and listening to music on phone. Her husband was talking on phone with a client. He turns off the music on phone and Anamika says that he never lets her do what she wants. Her husband leaves as she was trying to tell him that from tomorrow is her night shift and she will come late. Her husband once again doesn’t pay any attention.

Anamika was at her workplace in the bakery and a guy named Ishaan (Aditya Seal) was celebrating his birthday there. He forgets his wallet and tells Anamika that he will not be able to pay the bill. Ishaan assures her that he will pay the bill tomorrow but Anamika says its not possible. Ishaan gives his ring to Anamika and says that she can keep it as a guarantee and he will pay the bill and will get it back. Anamika shows the ring to her co-worker and they tell Ishaan that its ok. Anamika’s co-worker tells her to keep the ring in her purse and Anamika puts it in her purse.

Anamika was going back to her home in the bus and a thief steals the ring from her and he escapes. The very next day on the bus, Anamika’s co-worker asks her that how will she pay him back and what if he complained about her. Anamika says that her life is getting messy.

Ishaan comes to Anamika and he pays the money. Anamika says that she forgets his ring at home. Anamika asks him for his number telling him that he’s on holiday for next 2 days so she will send someone to give him his ring. Ishaan asks Anamika for her number and gives her a missed call.

Anamika went to Ishaan’s house and he was with his friend. Ishaan’s friend leaves and Anamika tells him that she has lost the ring. Ishaan says that her mother gave him the ring. Anamika says that she will give him the full money in three months. Ishaan says that three months is too much so now you need to see what to do. Anamika leaves from there.

Anamika comes back to her house late night and she eats the dinner alone on the dining table. Anamika went to Ishaan’s house again and he was cooking. Anamika says that she can give him only 12000 for this month and he says okay then she says how about 7500 and he says ok then Anamika says she can give him only 5000 as she has many big expenses this month. Ishaan says not possible and then he says that he doesn’t need any money because he has a big heart. Anamika says but I lost your ring then Ishaan says it was my fault because I gave you my ring.

Ishaan eats at the bakery and he went to Anamika to pay the bill but she tells him there is no need as today she is a big heart person and they both laughed. Anamika in the bus tells her co-worker Divya that Ishaan is her hero now as he has saved her from embarrassment.

Ishaan calls Anamika and tells her that his friend is going to get a package and he will drop it to you so can you please bring it to me, Anamika agrees. Anamika brings the package to Ishaan’s house and she tells him that she likes music. Ishaan asks her about which song she likes and Anamika says ‘Churake Dil Mera’. Ishaan plays it on Piano. Ishaan asks Anamika, does she want to play and Anamika says that she doesn’t know how to play it. Ishaan holds Anamika’s hands and starts playing Piano. While playing music Ishaan gets closer with Anamika and he holds her waist. Anamika gets shocked and she says that she needs to leave. Ishaan says you are a liar, Anamika says why then Ishaan says because you did not want to leave. Anamika says no she has not leave and she left.

Anamika comes back and she says that she forgot her mobile, Ishaan grabs her and he starts kissing her. Anamika in the bus recalls about her love making moments with Ishaan and she was getting happy, Ishaan kissed her on her neck and all over her body and they both made love on bed. Anamika takes a shower. Late at night Anamika was sleeping on bed with her husband and Ishaan messaged her saying thinking of you, Anamika gets happy. Anamika’s husband puts his hand on her but Anamika removes his hand.

Ishaan comes on his motor bike and he looks at Anamika pointing at her to sit on his bike. Ishaan then says Didi can I drop you. Anamika sits on his bike and says am I your Didi. Ishaan calls Anamika at bakery and she tells him to order her straight that he wants to meet her. Ishaan and Anamika had a lot of fun together like lovers.

Ishaan tells namika that his course is getting over and he is going back home. Anamika says then what about me. Ishaan says you will go with me. Anamika says what about your parents. Ishaan says don’t worry about them as I will convince them. Anamika kissed Ishaan.

Anamika was having fun with Ishaan and he received a call. Ishaan picked the phone and there was some police related matter. Ishaan starts abusing badly. Anamika tries to ask him about whats the matter but Ishaan pushes her hard and she fell down. Anamika starts crying and Ishaan says that I have some problems, there is a thing called privacy. Anamika leaves his place and Ishaan says get lost.

Anamika’s co-worker Divya advices her to stop all this because Ishaan is too young then her but if she decided that she wants to do it then its her life and her choice. Ishaan came at Anamika’s house and he says that his cousin ran away with a girl and now poilice is harassing his parents. Ishaan says that he told his parents about Anamika and they don’t have any problem. Ishaan asks her, don’t you l;ove me. Anamika says that we got stuck for sometime and nothing else.

Ishaan tells Anamika that he will talk to her husband. Anamika says what rubbish are you talking about. Anamika’s husband came and Ishaan tells him that he is a plumber and he came there to fix the tap and he leaves. Anamika sits in a corner and abuses him.

Anamika went to Ishaan’s house again and she says that you have almost trapped me. Ishaan says that I will do whatever you want but you have to go with me. Anamika says don’t call me Didi from now on. Ishaan comes to the bakery as a party was happening there. He gives Anamika a suitcase and tells her that he has booked tickets for her and she needs to leave with her tomorrow. A person came and gave Anamika fight tickets. Anamika leaves early and she tells her co-worker Divya to give the suitcase to Ishaan as she kept it under the table.

Anamika sees the news with her husband and she finds out that three bomb blasts happened in the city. Its turns out that all the people including Ishaan, his cousin, that thief and the person who gave Anamika tickets were terrorists and Ishaan was the mastermind. There names were fake and police is finding about the person through CCTV footage who kept the suitcase under the table.. Anamika gets shocked knowing this.

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