KGF Chapter 2 Film Review Analysis with Star Rating, Pros and Cons – Full details

With a lot of hype and huge expectations Indian Kannada-language periodic action film KGF Chapter 2 has been released in theatres worldwide today on 14 April 2022. Starring Rocking Star Yash in the lead role of Rocky Bhai, KGF 2 is the sequel to KGF Chapter 1 which was released back in December 2018. Despite being a Tollywood film, there is so much of hype around KGF 2 as many people claimed it to be a bigger thing then S.S. Rajamouli’s recent masterpiece RRR. But still many people are worried whether this film will manage to live up to all the hype because the first part of KGF was just too good. If you are among those people who have such queries in mind then we will tell you in our detailed analysis that whether KGF 2 is worth your money and time or not?

KGF Chapter 2 Film Story Details:

After killing Garuda in K.G.F: Chapter 1, Rocky bhai becomes the kingpin of the Kolar Gold Fields (KGF), much to the chagrin of Guru Pandian, Andrews and his aide Daya, Rajendra Desai and Kamal, who had expected to rule over KGF together. He kills Virat, Garuda’s brother and the heir apparent to the KGF syndicate. However, he spares Vanaram, Garuda’s trusted aide and the head of the security detail of KGF. Although resentful at first, Vanaram joins Rocky and begins training children to become the new guards of the territory. Rocky discovers that there are several unexcavated gold mines in the fields and orders his men to start extraction, with the intention of discovering as much gold as possible in the shortest time.

Meanwhile, Adheera, Suryavardhan’s younger brother and Garuda and Virat’s uncle who was supposed to be dead, is revealed to be alive and stakes his claim to the ownership of KGF. He tricks Rocky out of KGF and shoots him. He allows Rocky to survive so that the word is spread in KGF that the terrifying Adheera is here. Rocky recuperates but realises that no one is able to move out of KGF as Adheera’s men have surrounded the mines.

Meanwhile, Shetty, Rocky’s ex-boss in Bombay, has tied up with fellow gangsters across West and South India, and plans to act against Rocky. They also join forces with Inayat Khalil, the dreaded gold baron of Dubai.

KGF Chapter 2 Film Star Cast Performance Analysis:

Rocking Star Yash has single handedly stole the entire show in KGF 2 with his spectacular acting performance. His swag and dialogue delivery in this film is on a whole different level and you will surely get to see the glimpses of vintage Amitabh Bachchan in him while watching this film. Surely Bollywood biggies has a lot to learn from Yash as his dedication seems to be just unparoled.

Sanjay Dutt looks just perfect as main villain Adheera. He has absolutely perfected his role and definitely appeared as a worthy challenge for Rocky bhai alias Yash in KGF 2. The whole Viking style look which was given to his character by the makers made his character a bit extra special.

Raveena Tandon as fearless political queen Ramika Sen has emerged out as a surprise package in this film. Her overall act is just fabulous in this film and she appeared a big threat to Yash as far as the battle of brains in KGF 2 is concerned.

KGF Chapter 2 Film Positive and Negative Points:


  • Yash’s fantastic power packed performance as Rocky Bhai
  • Director Prashanth Neel’s amazing storytelling
  • Background score is mind blowing
  • Locations and cinematography is top notch
  • Sajay Dutt and Raveena Tandon impressive acting performances


  • KGF 2 is a bit fast paced and it takes away a little bit from the overall experience

KGF Chapter 2 Film Final Verdict:

Overall KGF Chapter 2 is once in a lifetime kind of experience and you won’t get such kind of films being made in Indian cinema so often. Even we have to work really hard to find faults in this film as there aren’t many and director Prashanth Neel deserves a standing ovation for that. No matter what and how much money you have to pay, KGF 2 is not a film to be missed at any cost as its not just a film but an emotion.

KGF Chapter 2 Film Final Star Rating:

We are giving KGF Chapter 2 a rating of 5 stars out of 5 legendary rating

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