KGF Chapter 2 First Day Collection in India – Both Hindi and South Indian Belts Thursday Biz Report

Directed by Prashanth Neel, Indian Kannada action drama film KGF Chapter 2 has been released this Thursday in theatres worldwide on 14 April 2022. Starring Rocking Star Yash in main lead as Rocky Bhai alongside Raveena Tandon as Ramika Sen and Sanjay Dutt as Adheera, KGF 2 has been released in 5 different languages simultaneously which includes Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam dubbed versions. KGF 2 received a lot of praise from the critics and most of them rated it with 5/5 stars legendary rating and even in our detailed analysis we have it a perfect rating as this film is just awesome in every single aspect. It will be very interesting to see whether KGF 2 will be able to break the records of 2022’s biggest blockbuster RRR or not.

KGF Chapter 2 has been released on about 11000+ screens worldwide out of which 4400+ screens were being allotted to North India cinemas, 2600+ screens were allotted to South India cinemas, 1100 screens were allotted to Overseas Hindi versions, and remaining 2900 screens were being allotted to Overseas South Indian languages versions. Quite interestingly the overall screen count of KGF 2 is much greater then the overall day 1 screen count of RRR which was only 8000 screens.

KGF 2 has been made with a budget of only ₹ 100 crore meanwhile RRR was made with a budget of ₹ 550 crores but if the trade experts are to be believed then its highly possible that KGF 2 is going to be a much bigger blockbuster then S.S. Rajamouli’s RRR at the Indian box office.

Recently popular Indian film critic and trade analyst Sumit Kadel claimed that Rocking Star Yash has emerged as the biggest PAN India superstar with KGF Chapter 2 as his swag, intensity – wit- dialogue delivery & personality is UNPARALLELED in the film.

Makers of KGF 2 have already hinted at a Part 3 of KGF in the post credit scene of the film which is something not to be missed. Prashanth Neel has proven that he is the 2nd biggest director in India at present after S.S. Rajamouli. Both these personalities have changed all the dynamics of Indian film industry once and for all. Now its a fact that Tollywood is no more regional cinema as its the mainstream cinema industry along with Bollywood and B-town directors and producers needs to deal with this fact.

Not only in South India but in the North Indian and Hindi belts regions of India including Delhi, UP, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, and Punjab, tickets of KGF 2 were being sold in advance for higher prices between the range of ₹ 1200 – ₹1500 and even after that it was very hard to get tickets from the ticket windows as most of its shows for the next few days are already being sold out in advance.

KGF 2 Day 1 overall occupancy rate has been estimated around 80% – 100% across India which is mind boggling. Despite of the fact that KGF 2 was released on Thursday and not Friday, still people went in huge numbers to watch this film with great enthusiasm. Not only youngsters but even middle-aged people and senior citizens looked quite excited to watch this film in theatres. Public word of mouth is quite amazing for KGF 2 as many people were seen saying that Yash for them is now a bigger star then Salman, Aamir and even SRK.

1st Day (Thursday) Collection of KGF 2 in India is  ₹ 134.50 crores

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