Karan and Preeta’s Dance Fight – Kundali Bhagya 31 July 2020 Episode Written

Mahira was getting dressed up for her wedding with Karan and Sherlyn came saying wow hearing this Mahira says thanks. Sherlyn reponds that I am not complimenting you on your dress but I am impressed knowing that a guy like Karan has gotten so much cold hearted because of you. Sherlyn tells Mahira that Karan is getting desperate to marry her as he went against Rishabh and did not listened to him. Mahira gets happy knowing this and says I am too much excited for this wedding. Sherlyn tells her that only one thing is annoying me and its that Preeta is coming here and she can stop your marriage. Mahira says let her come as I want this because I want to see her crying and getting hurt while watching my and Karan’s wedding. Sherlyn says Mahira I have never seen a smart girl like you and leaves. Mahira gets happy alone and says come Preeta come as I am waiting for you, my marriage won’t complete without seeing you cry.

Rishabh alone in his room was thinking what Karan told him when Rishabh went to give advise to him. Rakhi came and asks what did Karan said then Rishabh says that he is not listening to me and it doesn’t seem like he’s the same Karan. Rakhi says I send Karan to you because in this house he only listens to you then Rishabh says I have tried but he’s not listening as he’s not in his sense and we should not talk to him about it, lets wait for some time. Rakhi says but puttar, Rishabh says that he is annoyed and will hurt Preeta more if I talk to him. Rishabh says now Karan is saying that he will hurt Preeta ji more. Rishabh says why Preeta ji can’t dislike Karan and do the same what Karan does to her then Rakhi says no she will not do anything against him. Sherlyn’s mother came to the room and takes Rakhir with her downstairs saying Baraat has arrived. Rishabh alone in room says that I have never thought Karan will do this.

Sherlyn complimented Bani Dadi that she is looking good then she says that today is my grandson’s wedding. Sherlyn says today my Devar’s wedding is happening as well. All the Luthra ladies started dancing and Karan came dressed as groom. Karan dances with Bani dadi and thinks where is Preeta as everyone came Baaraat, Groom and guests then Preeta Arora where are you. Preeta came with Srishti and then Karan and Preeta started talking through their minds. Karan says in his mind so you have come Preeta Arora then Preeta says in her mind yeah I was supposed to come to show you that you does not matter for me. Karan then in his mind says if you doesn’t care then why are you standing outside. Preeta says in her mind because my heart is refusing me but still I will come to show you that you are wrong. Karan in his mind says that today I will show you your true place come Preeta Arora come you are most welcome. Karan waves at Preeta and Ramona saw that and she gets furious. All the Luthra ladies and Sameerr and Rishabh saw Preeta and Srishti standing outside.

Karan grabs Preeta’s hand and takes her inside and starts doing a angry dance with her on Thukra Ke Mera Pyaar Mera Inteqam Dekhegi. Rishabh tries to stop him in middle but Karan says no in gesture staring at him. Karan again starts dancing with her and Rakhi tries to stop him but chooses to stay away. Finally Rishabh came in the middle and Preeta gets away joins Srishti back and she was hurt badly. Srishti takes Preeta away with her. Karan tells Rishabh that I have told you don’t come in between. Rishabh tells Karan to stop it. Karan tells Ramona to bring aarti thali and she gets happy. Rakhi was going to help Preeta but Karan tells her that her son needs her help on his wedding.

Srishti tells Preeta to show her hand and Preeta says why are to seeing my hand then Srishti says that he was not dancing with you but he was fighting with you. Preeta says that Karan is like a small kid and kids gets annoyed when they did not get what they want and same is with Karan. Preeta says that in sometime everything will be done and after that we will never come here again, right now we came here to attend the wedding so lets attend wedding.

Ramona does aarti of Karan and Preeta & Srishti were seeing him. Ramona welcomes Karan to Luthra house. Bani dadi says what you have done today we are all happy with it so lets go inside. Karan stops near Preeta and Srishti then he looked at Preeta and asked Ramona aunty that why did Mahira has not come as he will marry only Mahira. Ramona says I will call her now and Sherlyn says that she is getting ready. Karan sits in the mandap. Kareena takes Preeta with her and Sherlyn thinks what a scene Kareena aunty took Preeta by grabbing her hand and now I am sure Kareena aunty will give a solid lecture to Preeta.

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