Bigg Boss 15 Latest Scoop – Umar Riaz and Afsana Khan gets entry into main house – Full Details

Today in Bigg Boss 15 house, the main house access currency task continued and the remaining contestant battled it out to win an entry into the main BB15 house. Jay Bhanushali tried his best to stop anyone from winning the task because he did not wanted the Rs 5 lac amount to get deducted from the winners prize money. But Afsana Khan played dirty and as a result of this Umar and Afsana gets an entry into the main house.

While the task was going on in the garden area sanchalak Nishant Bhatt warned all the contestants that if the property or task equipment gets damaged then he will disqualify all the contestants and no one will manage to win. Jay Bhanushali made sure that equipment gets damage and he did not let anyone make any currency notes.

When the task ended and it was the time for Nishant to give the final verdict it turns out that Afsana Khan stole some notes from her fellow contestant Simnba Nagpal after which Nishant declared her and Umar as the winners. Everyone got angry on Afsana because she even swore on her boyfriend which she broke by playing dirty in the task.

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