Bigg Boss 15 Latest Scoop – Afsana Khan age-shamed Shamita Shetty by calling her buddhi aurat – Full Details

Bigg Boss season 15 is turning out to be a roller coaster ride and we are seeing a lot of fights and action happening inside the house every single day. Recently Bigg Boss asked all the 15 contestants to sit in the main house bedroom as the blinds were being downed due to some technical work outside.

While sitting inside the bedroom together a big fight started between Akasa and Afsana when Akasa tried to make her understand how Afsana misbehaved with her in the morning but instead of listening to her Afsana started screaming and shouting.

Shamita jumped in the fight between Afsana and Akasa to take a stand in favour of Aksana but yet again Afsana started crossing her limits by making derogatory remarks at her and this time around she even age shamed Shamita by calling her a buddhi aurat.

Well it will be interesting to see how long this rivalry between Shamita & Afsana go and also whether Salman Khan will take a class of Afsana on Weekend Ka Vaar or not.

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