Imlie Episode 13 September 2021 Written – Malini shows Imlie’s saree to Anu

Imile was crying alone thinking about Malini saying Adi proved her he still loves her last night. Aparna blaming her for drugging everyone. Anu pleading in front of her to not let Aditya divorce Malini. Harish saying that it will be better for their family if Malini’s remains Aditya’s wife. Dulari comes to Imlie and she tells Imlie to forget about everything and make compromise. Mithi came and says no her daughter won’t compromise and she tells Imlie to fight for herself. Imlie says that currently she is very confused as she can’t forgive Aditya but she also knows its a conspiracy by Malini and Anu. She loves Aditya a lot and can’t leave him.

Malini says that now Imlie has only one option to leave Aditya. Anu praises Malini saying you have used her nature against her and nobody will be able to prove that you did it. Anu further says you controlled Aditya last night thats impressive. Meanwhile Imlie cries saying how can Aditya cheat her. Malini shows Imlie’s saree to Anu and tells her that she cheated Aditya last night by wearing it. Anu says we have to hide it and she snatches away the saree from her.

Aparna came there and she apologizes to Anu for what Aditya did. Anu says Aditya has to accept Malini or she doesn’t know what I can do. Malini hugs Aparna and starts doing drama of crying.

Aparna comes to Radha’s room as she was packing jewellery and money for Imlie. Pankaj came there and asks what’s happening here. Radha says we are packing jewellery as we will give it to Imlie and tell her to leave. Pankaj says but Imlie is the daughter-in-law of this house. Aparna says what happened last night if anyone know we won’t be able to show our face to anyone. Aparna says for the betterment of this house Imlie needs to leave. Imlie was hearing all this from outside and she thinks the she has made a decision now which will be right.

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Imlie sees Malini packing her clothes and asks her what are you doing. Malini says you are leaving from here so I thought I should help you. Imlie says how you thought I am leaving? Malini says you will be a extra in our love story. Imlie says that Aditya doesn’t even remember what happened last night. Malini gloats about what happened last night and it was so special. Imlie says yeah so special that he forgets everything. Malini says he is doing drama and if you stay here then people will raise fingers on his characters. Imlie says you destroyed Aditya and you are a fraud. Malini says you don’t have any proof and even Aditya feels he is guilty. Now you have only two choices either leave or either see Aditya going to jail choice is yours. Malini thinks I hope mom hides that saree soon.

Anu was going to hide the saree but Dulari comes in her way. They both had an argument and finally Anu manages to evade her. Dulari gets suspicious about Anu. Aditya in her room had bad dreams about everyone scolding him for what happened last night. Rupali and Nishant were knocking door outside. Aditya goes downstairs and he gets happy seeing Imlie lighting the jyoti. He asks her will you be able to forgive me. Imlie says that trust has been broken.

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Precap: Imlie leaves from Aditya’s house with Mithi crying and saying this relation was tied by the thread of our faith and today I am breaking that thread. Our relation ends here. Aditya feels sad. Malini and Anu gets happy.

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