Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 19 March 2021 Written – Shubham speaks in favour of Prithvi

Kareena tells Ramona that Mahira might be in Kritika’s room so go and meet her there. Prithvi was getting nervous because he thinks that Shubham will expose him today. Ramona went to Kritika’s room and she started taunting Kritika indirectly after which Rakhi scolds Ramona for talking badly to Kritika. Ramona finds out that Mahira was not there after which Sherlyn says that she’ll help her in finding Mahira but Kritika stopped Sherlyn telling her that Srishti told her to keep an eye on Sherlyn. Ramona says if she did not find her daughter then she will call the police.


Karan rings the bell and Shubham opens the door after that Karan’s asked him about Prithvi and he says that he’s a pathetic person. Preeta, Srishti & Karan requested him to go with them to expose Prithvi and Shubham agrees telling them that he just need one minute to take his wallet.

Finally Karan reaches with Shubham at Luthra house and he tells him to tell the truth about Prithvi. Shubham receives a message on his phone after which he changed his stand and he speaking in favour of Prithvi by supporting his fake made up story. Shubham yes yes he got married earlier but later he got divorced and whatever Prithvi is saying is true. Prithvi then says that everyone doubted on him but only Baani Dadi supported him. Kritika says that she will do engagement with Prithvi after which their engagement takes place.

Prithvi started celebrating with Sherlyn by opening a bottle of wine. Mahira came there and Prithvi says that a miracle happened today after which Mahira says I make this happen. Mahira then explains the whole story to Prithvi about how she escaped the cupboard and after that she bribed Shubham to lie in front of Luthra’s

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