MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 23 Recap: What Happened on June 15, 2024? Full Written Updates

In MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 23, aired on June 15, 2024, the drama reached new heights with an intriguing task presented by the mischief maker, Uorfi Javed. As we saw in the previous episode, Ruru Thakur and Ameha were eliminated after Digvijay Singh Rathee and Nayera Ahuja became the ideal match by facing the Oracle. This episode brought a twist with the “Chai Pe Charcha” task that revealed hidden gossips, shaking the villa to its core.

Invitation to the Task

All the contestants received an invitation from Uorfi Javed to get ready for a special task. The excitement was palpable as everyone prepared for what was to come.

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 23 Full Written Recap

Chai Pe Charcha Task Explained

The “Chai Pe Charcha” task required contestants to guess who had badmouthed them, with Uorfi revealing the spicy gossip. The twist was that they had to spill tea on the face of their guessed contestant. Show hosts Tanuj Virwani and Sunny Leone joined in, adding to the fun.

First Gossip

Gossip: Someone said Jashwanth Bopanna is a puppet of Akriti Nagpal, treated like her pet dog.
Guess: Jashwanth guessed Kashish Kapoor, but it was actually Harsh Arora.

Second Gossip

Gossip: Someone called Sachin Sharma narrow-minded, mocking his emotions and saying the show needed outsiders to take his stand.
Guess: Sachin guessed Akriti correctly.

Third Gossip

Gossip: Akriti acts extra when cameras are on and has anger issues.
Guess: Akriti guessed Jashwanth Bopanna correctly.

Fourth Gossip

Gossip: Harsh Arora is not a lion but a frog, hopping between Rushali Yadav and Shubhi.
Guess: Harsh guessed Digvijay, but it was Akriti Nagpal.

Fifth Gossip

Gossip: Arbaz Patel is a chamcha of Harsh Arora.
Guess: Arbaz guessed Siwet Tomar, but it was wrong.

Sixth Gossip

Gossip: Unnati Tomar has a boyfriend outside and will leave Digvijay for him after the show.
Guess: Unnati guessed Ishita Rawat, but it was Nayera Ahuja.

Seventh Gossip

Gossip: Anicka is strong individually but weak with Siwet Tomar, who is her bad luck.
Guess: Anicka guessed Nayera, but it was Arbaz.

Eighth Gossip

Gossip: Siwet Tomar is a big zero in performance, both on the show and also in personal life.
Guess: Siwet guessed Nayera, but it was wrong.

Ninth Gossip

Gossip: Rushali is bossy in the wrong way and cannot be trusted with girl code.
Guess: Rushali guessed Akriti, but it was Shubhi Joshi.

Tenth Gossip

Gossip: Shobhika is the Betaal of Vikram and Betaal, with Rushali as her Vikram.
Guess: Shobhika guessed Akriti, but it was Kashish Kapoor.

Eleventh Gossip

Gossip: Lakshay doesn’t change his innerwear for days.
Guess: Lakshay guessed Digvijay correctly.

Twelfth Gossip

Gossip: Kashish Kapoor will do anything for fame, including vulgar talks and behaviour.
Guess: Kashish guessed Akriti, but it was wrong.

Final Thoughts

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 23 was packed with drama, revelations, and confrontations. The “Chai Pe Charcha” task brought out hidden feelings and opinions, shaking the dynamics among contestants. As the competition heats up, the stakes get higher, promising even more exciting episodes ahead.


  1. What was the highlight of MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 23?
    The “Chai Pe Charcha” task where contestants guessed who spoke ill about them, leading to many shocking revelations.
  2. Who hosted the “Chai Pe Charcha” task?
    Uorfi Javed, with show hosts Tanuj Virwani and Sunny Leone.
  3. What was the outcome of the first gossip?
    Jashwanth guessed Kashish Kapoor, but the comment was actually made by Harsh Arora.
  4. Which gossip correctly identified the speaker?
    Sachin Sharma correctly guessed that Akriti Nagpal made the negative comment about him.
  5. What was the most shocking gossip revealed?
    Several gossips were shocking, but Unnati Tomar having a boyfriend outside and planning to leave Digvijay was particularly surprising.

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