MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 8 Recap: What Happened on April 21, 2024? Full Written Updates

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 8 started with contestants receiving notification from Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani, beckoning them to the activity area for their next challenge. With anticipation coursing through their veins, they quickly gathered and made their way to the designated location. There, they were met with a scene that set the stage for drama—a pool surrounded by chairs, resembling a makeshift courtroom.

The challenge was unveiled: a courtroom task where ex-partners would hurl accusations at each other, with those without exes assuming the role of jurors. It was a test of truth and accountability, where the guilty would face the consequence of being tossed into the pool.

Uorfi Javed, known for her mischievous antics, was appointed as the presenter of allegations, her intimate knowledge of the contestants ensuring a fiery exchange of accusations and defences.

First Case: Sachin Sharma vs Akriti Nagpal  – In the first case between Sachin and Akriti, things got intense. Akriti accused Sachin of making her feel bad about herself and not giving her enough attention. Sachin admitted he could’ve done better but said he tried his best. Then, things got messy. Digvijay spilled some secrets, and it turned out Akriti wasn’t completely honest either. Emotions ran high, and Sachin ended up being blamed by the jury. He got tossed into the pool while Akriti watched, feeling extremely happy.

Second Case: Digvijay Rathee vs Ishita Rawat – In the second case involving Digvijay and Ishita, things got heated. Ishita accused Digvijay of flirting with other girls despite claiming to be committed to her. Digvijay defended himself, saying Ishita knew about it and should have accepted it if she wasn’t happy. On the other hand, Digvijay accused Ishita of being toxic in their relationship. Ishita admitted to her flaws but argued that love sometimes comes with toxicity.

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When the jury weighed in, they couldn’t reach a clear decision. Both Ishita and Digvijay ended up with an equal number of votes, meaning neither of them would be thrown into the water that day.

Third Case: Lakshay vs Anicka – In the third case between Lakshay and Anicka, things got heated. Anicka said Lakshay didn’t appreciate her efforts and was often unavailable when she needed him. Lakshay argued there was no serious commitment between them. Then, Lakshay accused Anicka of getting angry too easily, which she admitted. The jury decided Anicka was guilty with six votes against her. This led to a big argument between Siwet and Lakshay. Anicka was thrown into the pool as punishment, and surprisingly, Lakshay jumped in after her.

Fourth Case: Diwet Tomar vs Nayera – In the fourth case between Siwet and Nayera, things got tense. Nayera accused Siwet of mocking her emotions and flirting with her during their time on Roadies. Siwet countered, claiming Nayera flirted with him too. This led to a heated argument between Siwet and Sachin, Sachin. Siwet then accused Nayera of using him for fame, alleging she often talked about him in her live sessions after Roadies. Nayera denied this and a verbal clash ensued. Despite attempts to calm the situation, the jury found Nayera guilty, leading to her being thrown into the pool.

Fifth Case: Aniket vs Deekila – In the fifth case between Aniket and Deekila, things got serious. Deekila accused Aniket of doubting her for three years and then cheating on her. Aniket admitted to this and also claimed that Deekila cheated on him with their mutual friend. Deekila denied this, saying she never had any romantic involvement with the friend. Then, Deekila accused Aniket of physical violence, but Aniket denied it. However, Sunny revealed that Aniket had confessed to it earlier. This led to an emotional moment where Deekila cried, and Aniket apologized, expressing his love for her and his desire to marry her. Despite this, the jury found Aniket guilty, and he was thrown into the pool.

Sixth Case: Dewangini vs Divyansh – In the sixth case between Dewangini and Divyansh, Dewangini accused Divyansh of not publicly acknowledging their engagement. Divyansh admitted to this, explaining that his elder brothers were against it. Dewangini’s second allegation was that Divyansh was rude to her family. Divyansh admitted his mistake, stating that he was under family pressure. This led to an emotional moment where Dewangini cried, and Divyansh hugged her. Dewangini didn’t want Divyansh to suffer from the cold water, so Sunny agreed that neither of them would be thrown into the pool.

Seventh Case: Rahul vs Nidhi – In the seventh case between Rahul and Nidhi, Nidhi accused Rahul of being a miser and constantly asking her for money. She also claimed that Rahul broke her phone during their relationship. Rahul defended himself, stating that they broke up before the phone incident. However, Rahul began speaking disrespectfully about Nidhi, prompting Sunny to intervene and remind him to behave. In retaliation, Rahul accused Nidhi of cheating on him, which she denied. The jury found Rahul guilty, with only Harsh voting against Nidhi. As a result, Rahul was thrown into the pool.

Eighth Case: Rigden vs Ameha – In the eighth case between Rigden and Ameha, Rigden accused Ameha of being too possessive and talking badly about him during a live session. Ameha admitted to being possessive. In turn, Ameha accused Rigden of never introducing her as his girlfriend, which Rigden admitted was true. The jury unanimously found Rigden guilty, and no one voted against Ameha. As a result, Rigden was thrown into the pool.

Ninth Case: Adit Minocha vs Unnati – In the ninth case between Adit and Unnati, Unnati accused Adit of not being emotionally available in their relationship. Adit responded by saying there was no relationship between them. Unnati also accused Adit based on their social media interactions, which led to laughter from all the contestants. However, the case was dismissed, and no contestant was thrown into the pool.

After the courtroom task concluded, Uorfi Javed, the mischief maker, departed from the villa to devise her next mischievous plan.

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