Naagin Season 6 Episode 19 Written Updates 16 April 2022 – Rishabh gives birthday gift to Pratha

Pratha entered the room and glass fell down after which her feet got injured. Rishabh lifts her in his arms and puts her on bed after which he puts ointment on her feet. Tose Naina Jab Se Mile played in the background. Rishabh tells her to sleep. Pratha sleeps on bed and Rishabh sleeps on couch. Mahek comes in the bedroom in snake form and she wakes up Pratha. She tells her to come with her as she wanted to show her something.

Pratha’s father tells Rihaan that he has a lot of secrets kept in his mind and he won’t open all his cards at once. Rihaan says that his Bhabhi is very smart. Pratha’s father says don’t say a word against her. Rihaan asks but why? He responds that I can’t tell you.

Mahek & Pratha went in their father’s room and they told him that tonight after midnight its going to be Pratha’s birthday on the occasion of Ram Navmi. Pratha’s father tells her that one day you will have to kill the Raavan. He requested her that he wants to come for Pooja with her and then all three of them went to do Pooja.

Pratha, Mahek, and their father went in their palace. They had the bad flashbacks of that night when everything got destroyed. Mahek and her father tells Pratha that during the Braham Mahurat they need to do the Pooja. Pratha needs to take out her Mani and then she needs to do its Abhishek.

Pratha, started doing the Pooja along with her father and Mahek. Mani came out of Pratha’s navel and then Pratha started doing its Abhishek with milk. Pratha’s father had an evil smile on his face and he steals the mani by replacing it with a fake one while Pratha’s eyes were closed. Pratha takes the fake mani and puts it in her navel.

Rihaan was trying to get close to Samaira but Pratha came there and tells her that everyone is finding her. Seema welcomes Pratha’s father at the breakfast table and he tells them that today is Pratha’s birthday. Seema wishes happy birthday to Pratha and then she prays to Lord Ram for Pratha & Rishabh staying together as a couple. Rishabh wishes happy birthday to Pratha.

Seema planned to organize a ballroom party for Pratha. Pratha invited her father to the party. Yash wishes happy birthday to Pratha. Vivaan and Rihaan made a evil plan against Pratha to teach her a lesson during the party. They involved Reem in their plan. Mahek overhears their conversation and she says I will teach them both a lesson.

Rishabh went in bedroom and Pratha was getting ready for the party. He says that you can’t wear a saree in the party and then he gave her the ballroom party dress for the party. Pratha says I can’t wear this and Rishabh says you have to wear it.

Rihaan tells Pratha’s father that he will teach Pratha a lesson today at the party. He grabbed Rihaan by the collar and says don’t you dare do anything wrong with her. He says I have stolen your Naag Mani Pratha but only for some time because after the poison gets mixed in Yamuna’s water, me, you, and Mahek will go somewhere far, but my only regret is that I failed to find a suitable guy for you. Mahek came in the room and she asks him are you alright? He responds yes I’m alright.

Pratha was having trouble wearing the party dress and Rishabh helped her in wearing it properly. He asked her that you said you can do anything for money but still you helped that injured guy and brought him home. Pratha says don’t think about me too much.

Seema gets surprised seeing Urvashi and Reem. Rihaan tells her that he called them because it was a happy occasion. Pratha and Rishabh came for the party. Pratha seeks blessings from her father to find the 5th asur and kill him. Vivaan announced that now Pratha bhabhi and Rishabh will dance. Pratha and Rishabh started dancing on Akhiyan Milanvaga. Pratha’s father receives a call from Chingistan people and he tells them that soon our work will be done and Sheesh Naagin will help us.

Yash sees a fake message from Pratha’s phone which was sent by Rihaan. In the message it was written that Pratha wants Yash to accept his love for her in front of everyone and take her in his arms. Everyone started dancing on Meri Jaan song and Yash started dancing with Pratha. After the dance Rihaan tells Pratha that Rishabh called her in the garden and she went there.

Yash came in the garden and he grabbed Pratha from behind. Rishabh came there and he started shouting at Pratha. Reem also came there and she started blaming Pratha. Yash says she sent me the message and Pratha says I haven’t sent any message. Rishabh slapped Rihaan and tells him if there was someone else in your place then I would have killed you. Its turns out that Pratha’s father told Rishabh about Rihaan’s evil plan.

Pratha’s father says that soon Pratha will find out that she has fake Naag Mani in her navel and after that she will spread poison everywhere but I need to make sure nobody harms Pratha before that because she is very weak without the mani.

Pratha cuts her birthday cake and she started thinking about how Rishabh slapped Rihaan for her. At night Rishabh was sleeping on couch and Pratha started looking at him with love. She went to him and then puts her hand on his head after which she puts blanket on him.

Rishabh wakes up Pratha next morning and he tells her that her birthday gift is ready so go and get ready fast. Rishabh and Pratha went downstairs. Yash apologized to Rishabh. Rishabh says ok I forgive you but don’t you dare see my wife like that again. Seema tells Rishabh to do breakfast and he says I am going with Pratha somewhere.

Pratha had a flashback about her childhood when her father gave her a doll as a gift. Back to present, Pratha tells Rishabh that her father gave her a gift in her childhood then nobody gave her any gift. Rishabh says don’t worry I will give you a gift after which you will never have to marry for money.

Rishabh takes Pratha to a jewellery shop and he tells the owner to show the best jewellery sets. Shop owner shows the diamond sets. Rishabh says whichever you like just take it. Pratha says these are quite costly. Rishabh says don’t worry its your birthday gift. He puts a set around Pratha’s neck and says this might be the most precious. Pratha says what do you think what I am.

Rishabh thinks that firstly I thought you are a criminal now I know that you care only about money and I want to fulfil your wish. Rishabh further thinks I don’t know why I am doing this. Pratha sees a beautiful glass dome and she says she wants it. Rishabh asks why you want this leaving jewellery worth of crores. Pratha thinks that when I get separated from you then it will stay with me as your keep sake. Rishabh thinks that what she shows, she is nothing like this. Some goons came at the jewellery shop and they started firing.

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