Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 21 April 2021 Written – Soumya successfully did Simran’s delivery

Simran was crying due to labor pain. Soumya says her to be strong as we have to do delivery at home. Soumya was going to bring hot water and towels. Harman says he will bring the hot water and towels. Saumya tries to tell him where is kitchen. Harman says he was born and brought up here. He knows where’s the kitchen. Soumya gets surprised.

Heer calls the greedy Pandit Ji and scares him saying Kamini and Nayan are big liars and Parmeet is DSP Sant Baksh Singh’s wife. Pandit Ji can get caught easily for giving false information of kundalis. His dakhsina will be gone as well and he will go to jail. Pandit Ji gets scared.

Harman brings hot water and towels. He tells Soumya he will call doctor and asks her where’s the laptop. He then video calls doctor for getting instructions. Doctors explains the delivery process and Soumya tries her best to assist Simran. Simran cries and Harman puts clothes in between for privacy. He waits. Baby crying voice is heard. Soumya hold the baby in her arms and gets emotional.

Harman recalls how Preeto called Soumya inauspicious previously for assisting Shanno during child birth. Soumya comes out and thanks Harman for help. She becomes happy. Harman says to Soumya this baby reminded him of Aditya and Soham. Soumya recalls the past moments. She comes to Simran and gives the child to her. Simran gains consciousness and smiles at Soumya. Soumya congratulates her for giving birth to a baby girl. Simran thanks her.

Parmeet asks Pandit Ji what happened. Heer continues her drama saying she is his well-wisher . She suggests Pandit Ji to leave the house. Pandit Ji agrees as he gets scared. Heer cuts the call. She turns back and gets shocked seeing Virat. Virat says he was right that Heer realised her mistake finally so she wants to rectify it by breaking the marriage. But in this way by deceiving Kamini and Nayan?

Heer reveals to Virat that Nayan and Kamini are frauds. They want Virat’s property only. Heer says she doesn’t have problem with Virat’s second marriage but Nayan isn’t the perfect choice. Virat says to hide your fault don’t put the blame on others. Virat tells he will marry Nayan only as Parmeet chose her for him. Virat leaves. Heer gets disheartened and recalls Virat’s harsh words. Their flashbacks were shown.

Doctor comes to home for final check up of Simran. Harman praises Soumya saying she has done her job properly. Soumya says she is worried for the child whether she is healthy or not. Harman says Soumya’s blessings is with her. She will be fine. Harman brings the topic of his two children with Soumya. He says they also got the chance to become parents. Soumya says angrily he helped her, doesn’t mean she will allow him to interfere in her life. Harman says after your work is done, you are telling me to leave? Harman says he won’t go until he knows the child is doing fine. Soumya gets shocked. Doctor gets happy seeing the child.

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