Dance Deewane Juniors (DDJ) Episode 6 Mega Auditions Written Updates 8 May 2022 – Hardcore 15 Selections

The 6th episode of DDJ Mega Auditions started with a beautiful video made for all the mother’s on the occasion of Mother’s Day 2022. After that a video was shown introducing the first contestant Arnav and when he came on stage, he said that his today’s performance is dedicated towards his mother.


First Contestant – Arnav – Age 10 Years – Arnav danced on Raanjhanaa Hua Mai Tera song song. Neetu Ji says that her son loves her the same way Arnav loves his mother. Arnav’s mother said that now he is her best friend and Arnav praised her mother for all the support she gave to to him. Nora says for your mother Arnav I really hope that you reach hardcore 15. Marzi & Neeu Ji both pressed the play button for him and Nora says I’ll tell you result later. While Arnav was leaving Nora pressed the play button and Arnav reached hardcore 15.

Nora says a Poem :

Nora said – Public Public
Crowd responds – Haa Nora

Nora said – Captains Captains
Captains responds – Haa Nora

Nora said – Hip Hop Dekhe
Crowd and Captains responds – Haa Nora

Nora said – Ek Dum Toru
Crowd and Captains responds – Haa Nora

Nora said – All Stars Ko Buladu
Crowd and Captains responds – Haa Nora

Second Dance Group – ALL Stars – Age 7 Years – 13 Years – All Stars danced on Rafta Rafta Dekho and O Mere Sona Re songs. Neetu Ji says that everybody among you had great energy. Neetu Ji begged to Nora and Marzi to press the play for them. Marzi sings Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam song for one of the mother of All Stars. Nora says we will tell you results later All Stars.

Third Contestant – Navjot – Navoj danced on Move Your Body Baby song. All three judges liked his performance a lot

Fourth Duo – Karan and Erva – Karan and Erva danced on Garam Masala title song. Judges loved their dance and all three Captains gave them a standing ovation.

Fifth Duo – Aaska and Urva – Aaska and Urva danced on Mere Gully Mein song and judges cheered for them a lot.

Marzi called All Stars on stage and he says that if Aaska, Urva, Karan, Erva & Navjot comes together just like All Stars then they will become 5 times better. Marzi says we will do a on the spot dance battle between both these groups rioght now and we will select the group which will touch our heart.

Dance Battle – ALL STARS vs Aaska, Urva, Karan, Erva and Navjot

Both the groups started dancing on Jhoom Barabar Jhoom song and all three judges ‘Marzi, Neetu Ji and Nora’ stood on table to cheer them. Nora did Pra Pra Prahhhhhhh for both groups. Marzi pressed all three play buttons for both the groups and they both got selected for Hardcore 15.

Aaska, Urva, Karan, Erva and Navjot dance group gets named by Nora as – OPPS CREW

Sixth Dance Group – Gully Girls – Age 12 Years – 14 Years – Gully Girls danced on Aisa Jaado Daala Re song. Nora says that after this show your lives will be changed and she hugged all the girls. Neetu Ji says she is praying for them to pass today. Marzi says you are RAW dancers but we care about the intent. Neetu Ji gave jalebi’s to all the Gully Girls. They were informed that they will be given results later.

Neetu Kapoor received a mother’s day message from her son Ranbir Kapoor and her daughter Riddhima Kapoor Sahani as they both wished her Happy Mother’s Day.

Seventh Contestant – Prateek Kumar Naik – Age 13 Years – Captains requested that they want to see Prateek’s performance standing along with judges and their request got accepted. Prateek danced on Hole Hole song. All three judges pressed the play button after his performance and Prateek got selected for Hardcore 15.

Eighth Contestant – Falak – Age 8 Years – Falak danced on Masti Ki Paathshala song. Pratk, Tushar, and Sonali started fighting with each other as all of them wanted Falak in their team. Falak called Marzi Pestonji as Marzi Ganji and Nora Fatehi as Nora Fateli after which both Nora and Marzi started making fun of each other. Falak called Karan Kundrra as Karan Kundru sir. All three judges pressed play button for Falak and she got selected in Hardcore 15.

Ninth Contestant – Runjhuna – Age 10 Years – Runjhuna danced on Ni Mei Samajh Gayi song.Nora, Neetu Ji and Marzi gave her a standing ovation after her dance. Captain Pratik came on stage and he hugged her. Nora & Neetu JI pressed their play buttons after her dance and Neetu Ji pressed Marzi’s play button after which Runjhuna gets selected for Hardcore 15. Neetu Ji says her performance was of next level and it was mind boggling. Nora says you are a unique performer.

10 spots for Hardcore 15 already got filled and now only 5 spots were left and they were :

  • Classical Queens
  • Yash and Aradhya
  • Riddhi
  • MD Raish
  • Geet

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