Srishti Plans to Stop Karan’s Wedding – Kundali Bhagya 29 July 2020 Episode Written

Kareena says Karan you have given Preeta a chance and now she will come to the marriage and will try to break it. Ramona says that you have invited the girl you’ve already married to and you know that if she comes here then she will not let your marriage happen to Mahira. You have also put my daughter’s life in danger. Karan says I have not put anyone’s life in danger then asks Mahira do you have any problem. Mahira says but Karan then Karan says if you do have any problem then I don’t care. Preeta is not going out of my mind and not because I miss her but because I hate her, I am angry on her. I cannot forgive her for what she has done to my family and thats why I want to marry Mahira in front of her and want to show her how happy I am. Kareena says what kind of childisah behaviuour is this Karan. Karan says I want to show her that how important my family is for me and whoever tries to hurt my family I will never forgive that person never. For me my family comes first and if she thinks that Preeta is the only girl in Karan Luthra life then its her misunderstanding as I have many girlfriends (Mahira gets shocked) then he says I mean I had many girlfriends. Just let her see my marriage and her dreams will break.

Bani Dadi says that you always think about Preeta day and night. You keep on thinking about her and when someone thinks about a person thats means he has a relation with that personn. Karan says there is nothing like that Dadi. Dadi says why you did not asked us then. Karan says Preeta will come here and thats final. She will come here and will get insulted. The way she hurt my family I will never forgive her. Karan says you all won’t take tension specially you Ramona aunty.

Preeta in her bedroom was crying on bed thinking about whatever Karan told her when he came to give invitation for his wedding with Mahira. Preeta had a dellusion about Karan calling her shouting Preeta. Preeta talks to herself saying that you need to be happy that the arrogant Kaaran Luthra is getting married. Srishti says is it true di. Srishti thenks thinks that she needs to trick her to make her confess her true feelings. Srishti says yeah let Karan sir marry to Mahira as Mahesh uncle deserves daughter-in-laws like Sherlyn and Mahira who have put him in coma and why do we care. Srishti then says even Rakhi aunty deserves Mahira as she did not took your side and told you to go from Luthra house. Preeta says she did that because she did not wanted us to get insulted. Srishti says what about Rishabh ji as he seems to be scared of Sherlyn thats why he stays quiet. Preeta says no Rishabh Ji stays quiet because he is the most sensible person in that house. Srishti says then what about Kritika and Sameer as they both stay quiet like dummies. Preeta says because they are very young and no one will listen to them. Srishti says ok sit here what about Bani dadi as you went to treat her every single time she called and she put blame on you that you pushed Mahesh uncle. Srishti then starts insulting Bani dadi and Preeta says shut up Srishti and don’t talk about elders like that. Srishti says you care for Luthras a lot so lets go and throw Mahira and Sherlyn out of that house. Preeta says ok I will go there but not to throw Sherlyn and Mahira out but to see the marriage and to show Karan that I don’t care. Preeta says ok I will go to watch his wedding and I don’t want to clarify anything. Let Karan think whatever he wants but I will show him that it won’t effect me.

Srishti says thanks to God and then she thinks that she has managed to make Preeta agree to go to wedding but what if something goes wrong. Srishti calls Sammy and tells him that her di is coming to marriage. Sammy says don’t let her come here as Karan bhai is doing all this in his anger and you know how bad he can be in his anger. Srishti says maybe this marriage rituals will make them realise how much they love each other. Srishti asks Sammy for promise that he will help her in stopping this marriage and Sammy says I promise Srishti we will stop this wedding.

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