Dance Deewane Juniors (DDJ) Episode 2 Written Updates 24 April 2022 – Anshika dance with Nora on Dilbar, Gully Girls made everyone emotional

Marzi, Nora, and Neetu Kapoor came on stage dancing on Khullam Khulla Pyaar Karege Hum Dono. Nora says she is very happy that they are giving opportunity to small kids to showcase their talent through this show. Marzi says what if we had not got the opportunity as child actors to showcase our talents. All three of them started dreaming.

Neetu Kapoor was selling tickets for Black outside a theatre but no one was buying tickets from her.

Nora Fatehi was selling Cold drinks and Banta but no one was buying from her.

Marzi Pestonji was selling Sarees but no one was buying from him.

They came back to reality and Nora says that’s crazy.

First Contestant – Binita – Age 6 Years – Binita gave a contemporary dance performance on Baahon Mei Chale Aao song. Nora says her performance was unbelievable and outstanding. She gave her a flying kiss. Nora pressed the play button for her and finally she along with Tiger & Tara did Pra Pra Pra Prahhhh for Binita. Marzi praised Binita’s trainer who was her bua and he says that its your inner talent. Marzi and Tiger both stood up on the table after which they did a bow down to Vinita. Neetu Kapoor also praised Binita’s bua for Binita’s excellent dance. Aditya was cheering for Binita and she says he’s her best friend. Nora says we will announce results for Binita after Aditya’s performance.

Second Contestant – Aditya – Age 8 Years – Aditya gave a brilliant dance performance on Kurbaan Hua song and Nora pressed the play button during his performance. After Aditya’s performance ended he got a standing ovation from all three judges as well as Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria. Crowd was chanting once more. Tiger after his performance said that he doesn’t have much words to praise him. Nora called Aditya as Junior Tiger and she says his hair are amazing.

Binita also came on stage. Marzi praised Aditya’s clean head slide. He said that Aditya is fantastic as per him and he asked him about his favourite hero. Aditya says Tiger Shroff sir. Binita says even Aditya has 6 packs like Tiger. Aditya had 8 packs and Tiger counted them. Nora requested Tiger to show off his abs and he showed 3 abs.

Neetu Kapoor says that this is the most Hardcore performance of this show till now and she called him future Tiger Shroff and Marzi says Binita is his Tara Sutaria. Finally judges selected both Binita and Aditya for the next round.

Third Contestant – Prateek – Age 13 Years – Prateek gave a dance performance on Hawa Hawa song. Prateek got a standing ovation from all the judges after his dance. Nora did Pra Pra Prahhhhh for him. All three judges pressed the play button for him one by one and he got selected for next round.

Neetu Kapoor says that as per her Prateek will become future Ranbir. Nora says she always wants to see something different and Prateek did exactly that. Marzi asks Prateek why don’t you smile and finally he smiled. Tara says that Prateek reminds him a lot of Tiger.

Tiger and Prateek did a Heropanti challenge as Prateek did a full split on two chairs after while Tiger did a full flying split while jumping. Finally both Tiger and Tara danced on Dafaa on stage after which they left.

Nora reads a poem to call the next contestant – Machli jal ki rani hai, Jeevan uska paani hai, Agla junior ayega jab, Sabko taali bajani hai.

Fourth Contestant – Suman – Age 10 Years – Suman danced on Bambholle song and during his performance all three judges pressed the play button. Marzi says you were mind blowing Suman. He praised his knnee bumps, head stand, and head cartwheel. Neetu says his dance was khatarnaak. Nora says his dance was fire. A old granny came and she did a fabulous dance on Zingaat song.

Backstage Karan Kundrra gave a challenge to the parents of the kids as they need to dance one by one and whichever parent will win, their children will get a prize. Finally one of the parent won a megaphone as a prize.

Nora reads another poem to call next contestant – Nora says Public Public and Crowd says Kya Nora, Nora says Deewangii Dekhoge and Crowd says Haa Nora, Nora says Hardcore Dancing and Crowd says Haa Nora, Nora says Next Junior Ko Bulaye and Crowd says Ha Ha Ha.

Fifth Contestant – Anshika – Age 12 Years – Anshika danced on Kehna Hi Kya song and she did Popping style. She got standing ovation from all three judges and all three of them pressed play button for her. Neetu Kapoor says I like your combination of body and face. Marzi says that he loved the way the song complimented her dance. Nora requested her to do popping on her favourite song and Anshika says she will do it along with Nora on Dilbar as Nora will do Belly dancing and Anshika will do Animation Popping. Finally Nora and Anshika both danced on Dilbar together.

Sixth Dance Group – Gully Girls – Some poor girls came and they started dancing. Their group did not had a name and the names of the members in the group are Sophia, Sapna, Asha, Ramila, and Anjali. They danced on Barson Re Megha Megha song. Nora says that their sync is perfect. Neetu Ji says that all of you will shine a lot. Marzi says we will provide you studios and Nora says we will provide you shoes. All three judges pressed play button for them. Nora Fatehi finally gave their group a name i.e. Gully Girls.

A little girl came and Nora pressed the play button even before her performance. Marzi and Neetu Ji says how can you do that. Nora says I have seen her dance and she has amazing charm. Marzi says but this is competition and without seeing her I don’t think we should do this. Nora says trust me if this girl isn’t good then I will leave the show and I will keep on standing during her performance. The girl finally went to perform.

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