Anupama: Namaste America Episode 1 Written Updates – Vanraj refused to take Anupama to office party

The story starts with 20 years before the events of Anupamaa TV serials. Anupama scolds Bapuji for bringing cream roll. Hasmukh Bapuji reads Vanraj’s horoscope and it reads that the people with Scorpio sign will fly. Bapuji tells Anupama to listen to her horoscope and she says that every single day for her is same. Bapuji says that it reads your dreams will come true.

Leela came and she tells Anupama to touch her feet after which she orders her to clean methi. Moti Baa orders Leela to touch her feet and she tells her that daughter-in-law should not forget to touch mother-in-law’s feet. Moti Baa tells Leela that she is lucky to have a daughter-in-law like Anupama. Moti Baa makes fun of Leela saying that she is getting more and more jealous with every passing day. Anupama did Hrithik Roshan’s Ek Pal Ka Jeena dance step with Moti Baa. Moti Baa says that one day you will perform internationally Anupama. Leela says no she won’t do it. Moti Baa says ok then lets keep the jewellery locked in cupboard. Leela says jewellery has no benefit if you don’t get to show off and Moti Baa says the same applies on talent. Moti Baa taunts Leela telling her that you failed to become a daughter-in-law at least try to become a good mother-in-law. Leela says I don’t know when my time to rule will come.

Vanraj was sleeping and he receives a phone call from his fellow employee. He tells him that boss is doing a family get together party tonight and he is sending you to USA for the next project. He also informs him that boss has ordered to bring Bhabhi and no excuse will work this time. Vanraj hangs up the phone and says she is not worthy to take outside.

Anupama was dancing in the kitchen and she prepares dhokla with three chutneys for Samar and Toshu. Samar clapped seeing the way Anupama presented Dhokla. Toshu says he is doing home work so he cannot clap. Vanraj calls Anupama and he tells her to clean his back with towel. Anupama started cleaning his back and Vanraj turns around after which he grabbed her to do romance.

Samar & Toshu came in the bedroom and Vanraj clicked a photograph with kids & family with his new phone. He informed Anupama that office will send him to USA for next project. Anupama says I always pray to Kanha Ji for you to get everything you want. He says yes it will happen because my name is Vanraj Shah. Vanraj tells Anupama to keep his clothes ready because there is a office party in the evening and Anupama says you did not asked me this time. Vanraj says because you never go.

Anupama informs Moti Baa and Dolly that Vanraj did not asked her to go to party with him tonight. She says he might have gotten tired because I refused him every time. Moti Baa tells Anupama that I am going to take your share.

Later in the evening, Vanraj gets ready to go to the party and he tells kids to stay with mom as I will come soon. Moti Baa tells Vanraj that you will never forget todays party. Leela asks Moti Baa, where is Anupama? Moti Baa tells Leela to bring tea for her. Leela wonders what are they planning?

Vanraj gets surprised seeing Anupama being ready for the party. She tells him that she will go to the party with him today as she has done all the household chores. Vanraj says you want to go but I can’t take you with me. Anupama asks why? Vanraj whispers I will get embarrassed. Vanraj lied that he has already refused to boss that you are not coming and now it won’t look good. Anupama insists him a lot but he says no. Vanraj tells her to prepare Dal rice and tomato chutney after which he finally he leaves for the party on bike

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