5 Major Reasons Why Pakistan failed to beat India in Men’s T20 World Cup till now – Mauka Mauka facts

India vs Pakistan is termed as the biggest cricket rivalry in the world and this is the only sporting event in the world which is being watched by over a billion people at a time whenever it takes place. Unfortunately in the recent past bilateral matches stopped taking place between both the countries due to political reasons but still whenever both these teams meet each other it turns out as a great extravaganza.

As of now in ICC Men’s T20 World Cup about 5 matches happened between India & Pakistan and Pakistan has lost all 5 of them. We are sharing 5 reasons due to which Pakistan failed to beat India in Men’s T20 World Cup till now :

1. Pressure Handling :

India vs Pakistan cricket match is one of a kind match in which it doesn’t matter which teams is highly ranked or which team is lower but all that matters is which team can handle the pressure on field well on the given day and as of now it appears team India is far better in handling pressure situations as compared to Pakistan.

2. Poor Batting :

India is always known for producing world class batsman and Pakistan is known for producing world class bowlers but when it comes to the T20 world cup encounters India has always won because of their bowling because Pakistan’s batting is too much fragile and they are very bad at creating match winning partnerships.

3. More focus on Individual Performances :

Pakistan team always seemed to be more focused on individual performances and stat padding. We have seen in the past world cup encounters that players like Misbah-ul-Haq managed to take Pakistan in winning positions against India but due to their focus on increasing their batting average and habit of making rash shots (2007 final Misbah’s match losing shot), they lost even after coming too close to clinch the victory.

4. Internal Team Politics :

Pakistan team has always been a victim of their internal team politics. Whether it comes to captaincy or batting positions there has always been an internal power tussle between the players. Lets take 2016 T20 World Cup for example, during India vs Pakistan group match, former great Pakistan all-rounder and current Pak Prime Minister ‘Imran Khan’ visited Kolkata, India to watch the match live in stadium between both the countries. He visited Pakistan teams dressing room a day before the match to give players a much needed pep talk and rather then taking tips from Imran, wicket-keeper Umar Akmal was seen complaining to him about his batting position and that video got viral on social media.

5. Media Pressure :

Pakistan media plays a very important role in putting unnecessary pressure on their own cricket team by making derogatory remarks about their own players and humiliating them even before that match starts. Most of these media channels, their heads and also the experts they call makes bad remarks about the players and they degrade them just because they don’t play or the team doesn’t get selected as per the agenda they are pushing forward.

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