Bigg Boss 15 Latest Scoop – Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh gets exposed – Real wife and son pics got viral – Full Details

TRP’s of Bigg Boss Season 15 are continuously falling and one of the biggest reason is that the show seems way too much scripted this year. Popular Bollywood item girl Rakhi Sawant recently entered the house as a wild card contestant for second consecutive year in a row and this time around she entered with her so-called computer engineer husband Ritesh. Many people were speculating that this is just a cheap tactic by the makers to gain some trp and some were even calling him a hired man. Earlier there were rumours that Ritesh is none other then a cameraman of the Bigg Boss team but nothing concrete came out to validate those rumours.

Now some old pictures of Ritesh got viral on the internet with a woman and a young boy and if the internet tweeps are to be believed then it seems that the woman and the young boy in the pictures are the wife and son of Ritesh. There are reports that Ritesh got married in year 2014.

Rakhi Sawant was seen last year saying in Bigg Boss 14 a multiple times that her husband stays in Canada then later around 2 months back in an interview she said that Ritesh stays in United Kingdom. When Ritesh came to BB15 then he said that he stays in Belgium. Also his real surname is not yet confirmed whether he is Ritesh Pandey, Ritesh Singh or Ritesh Kumar. Well viewers can expecting a lot of scripted high volume drama in Bigg Boss 15 in the coming weeks as far as Ritesh and Rakhi are concerned.

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