Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler 5 October 2020 Monday Special Episode – Pragya finds Rhea is the culprit

Doctor tells nurse that we have got a donor but if Prachi did not wake up then she will go in coma. Pragya tells Ranbir and Aryan to go out as she wants to talk to Nilesh truck driver alone. Pragya begs in front of truck driver and gets emotional in front of him saying even he has a daughter of Prachi’s age and what if something like this happens to her. Pragya manages to break Nilesh mentally and he finally opened his mouth. He tells Pragya that Rhea Mehra is behind everything and Pragya gets shocked.

Pragya did not believed him at first but then Nilesh shows Rhea’s calls and messages on his phone to Pragya. Nilesh also tells her that whatever bad happened with Prachi till date, Rhea was behind all that. Pragya recalls Rhea saying to her that she likes her but not Prachi.

Fashback shown, Rhea came drunk at Pragya’s house at night and Pragya takes her inside and gives her coffee. Rhea likes the coffee mug and Pragya tells her that she can keep it. Rhea says that apart from her Dad and Buji, Pragya is the only one she truly loves. Pragya says that she also misses someone as she has another daughter but she is not with her. Pragya makes a deal with Rhea that she will become her mother and Rhea will become her daughter after which Flashback ends.

Rhea at hospital asks the doctor about Prachi’s condition and they say that even after giving her blood, her condition is very critical. Alia calls Rhea and Rhea tells her that someone else donated blood to Prachi. Alia tells Rhea to call your dad and tell him that you donated blood to Prachi and Rhea did as Alia told her. Sarita behan’s relative donated blood to Prachi.

Pragya came back to hospital and she meets Sarita behan there and tells her that Rhea tried to kill Prachi. Shahana had an argument with Rhea at hospital and Rhea called her beggar and says that Prachi will die soon and you are not family but beggar because we are rich. Shahana went to Pragya and tells her that Rhea is happy as she thinks Prachi will die soon and she also called us beggars. Pragya went to confront Rhea in anger.

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