Bigg Boss 15 Grand Premiere Night 1 Written Updates, Contestants Introductions, Salman Khan’s Masti and More Details

Salman Khan made an entry in the Bigg Boss jungle dancing on ‘Jungle Hai Aadhi Raat Hai’ and ‘Swag Se Karege Sabka Swagat’ songs. After dancing Salman started showing the Jungle part of the house. After this Salman started introducing the contestants.

Contestant no. 1 – Jay Bhanushali – Jay was the first contestant to enter Bigg Boss 15 house. He sees the jungle part and then enters the main house. Slam meets him there and tell him that this Season is going to be very tough. Salman Khan showed him the bedroom and tells him to decide which bed he wants to take. Jay says he wants to be the last one to go outside and wants to take the trophy home. He further states that he is very aggressive. Salman shows him one more side and gives him a key telling him you are the owner now. He tells him I am going back on stage and contestants will be keep on coming here. Salman also showed Jay ‘Vishwa Sundari tree’

Salman finally entered the show and gave his typical signature introduction of Bigg Boss 15. He says I will get you meet all the other contestants right now. Rest of the contestants were shown wearing masks and giving dance performances on various songs but there faces were not revealed.

Salman Khan says now it will introduce to all the other contestants one by one but firstly I will make you meet Big G. A fake Gorilla came on stage and Salman had fun with him. Salman sdays he will help him in bringing the contestants in.

Contestant no. 2 – Vishal Kotian – Vishal came dancing on Ram Ji ki Chaal Dekho song. Vishal says Salman is like a Dronacharya for him because he’s an inspiration. He told Salman that he used to black the tickets of his films to pay his fees. Salman showed him the awesome mirror and asks mirror to tell him which animal Vishal is. Awesome mirror says Vishal is an Elephant.

Salman then introduced the third contestant while Vishal was still on stage.

Contestant no. 3 – Tejasswi Prakash – Tejasswi came dancing on Mein Pani Pani Ho Gayi. Salman also introduced Vishal to him and says he’s an elephant. Salman asked her about elephant’s weight. Tejasswi says 500 KG. Vishal indirectly called Tejasswi a Naagin. She says that she is hungry for winning the trophy also she likes to eat a lot. Awesome mirror tells Tejasswi that she is a parrot. She tells Salman that there is going to be only one favorite contestant of his this season and she is Tejasswi Prakash. Vishal had fun with Tejassswi calling her popat. She tells Salman to send him good food on weekends.

Salman Khan tells Vishal and Tejasswi that one of you will get Survival Kit ‘Bachao Bazaar’ and for that you will have to fight. A blindfold game was played as they need to guess what they are eating. Tejasswi wins the game. She had to take 8 items in 60 seconds for her survival in the jungle. Big G gives Tejasswi and Vishal two oil lamps. Salman tells Tejasswi to go to the house.

Vishwa Sundari talks to Jay Bhanushali. She tells him that she is the queen of this jungle and she rules in here. She further says she has many powers which she can give him as a prize but firstly he needs to prove he deserves it and needs to win her trust. Jay obliges. Jay says her voice is very hot and he can flirt with her because his wife won’t bother. Vishwa Sundari says we will meet again. Jay says her voice is too good.

Tejasswi enters the house and she prays at her first step on the door. She meets Jay and they both greet each other. Jay tells her that he is the first to come here and Salman showed him the house. Tejasswi gets shocked. She loved the house at first. Jay says stop 2 minutes I will spoil your mood then he told her what Salman said to him as she needs to select her bed outside. She says where I need to go for toilet as you are boys and you can go anywhere. Jay then showed her Vishwa Sundari and says her voice is very hot. Tejasswi tried to talk to her but she did not respond.

Salman on stage tells Vishal Kotian that he needs to cross some hurdles first to enter the house. Vishal came in after crossing a maze tunnel which had traps in it. Tejasswi says I will show him the house. Vishal called her popat again. They made fun of the pot which was brought by Tejasswi in her survival kit.

Contestant no. 4 – Vidhi Pandya – Vidhi came performing on Param Sundari. She says to Salman that we have met 2 times before. Salman started having fun. She told him that she was 18 when they first met and Salman clicked the picture but it was blur. Salman then clicked a picture with her. She says she is not scared of the jungle as she has faced her mothers rule. Salman showed her the mirror and it says she is a Panda.

Salman then introduced forth contestant

Contestant no. 5 – Simba Nagpal – Simba came dancing on Simba Teri Phirki song. He said his mom dad named him Simba because he is a tiger. Salman showed him the awesome mirror and it said that he is a Lion.

Salman gave them a survival kit task in which they need to act on a situation but they failed to impress. Both Vidhi and Simba entered inside the house going through the obstacle tunnel. Simba was welcomed in the house on Sajan Ji Ghar Aaye song and he meets Jay first. Vidhi Pandya fell down inside the tunnel and finally she made it to the house. Tejasswi showed Vishwa Sundari to Vidhi and Vidhi tried to talk saying Hello, are you Rekha Ji. Vishwa Sundari finally speaks to Vidhi and tells her that she won’t talk to everyone.

Contestant no. 6 – Umar Riaz – Umar Riaz entered on stage and Big G brought him in a cage. Salman says he is bhai. Umar says he is Asim Riaz’s brother. He thanked BB makers for giving a chance to his brother and he had the urge of entering Bigg Boss before Asim. Salman asks him, Will you be Asim 2.0. He says he is going to be Umar Riaz of Bigg Boss 15 and he has two weeks to prove himself.

Asim Riaz entered the stage to see off his brother and Salman hugged him. Salman asks him what’s going on? Asim says I told him its action reaction ka game. Asim praised Salman for the fire in him and sings a rap for him. He tried to explain the meaning of song and Salman says yes you wrote a song for which you need to explain meaning. He says it sees that your brother won’t listen to any of your tips. Asim leaves at last.

Salman then introduced the seventh contestant.

Contestant no. 7 – Ieshaan Sehgaal – Ieshaan entered the stage and he says that his dream of meeting Salman came true. He says he is very opinionated and his life motto is when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. He furthers says no one able to make him fall.

Awesome mirror says that Umar Riaz is a bull and for Ieshaan Sehgaal it says he is a bull as well.

Salman then introduced contestant no. 8

Contestant no. 8 – Donal Bisht – Donal came dancing on Saiyaan Ji song Salman tells Umar and Ieshaan to tell about her personality. Umar says Donal is a pigeon and Ieshaan says she is a butterfly because she is pretty. Donal liked Ieshaan’s opinion.

For Survival Kit, a Sultaani Akhada happened between Umar and Ieshaan. Donal decides Ieshaan as winner in verbal round. In physical round Umar and Ieshaan had a tie and Donal chose Ieshaan as the winner.

Umar Riaz went inside through the tough path. Other contestants had some fun with him and finally Jay welcomed him hugging him.

Donal and Ieshaan went inside after taking the Survival Kits. Both of them were then taken to an isolated place in a jeep and therre was a tent and a camp fire.

Contestant no. 9 – Akasa Singh – Akasa came performing on Naagin Gin Gin Marr Gayi. She said that she sung a song for Salman and they did a hook step of that song together. Awesome mirror said that Akasa is a cat and she said that she is a wild cat.

Salman then introduced 10th contestant

Contestant no. 10 – Karan Kundrra – Karan came on song Haye Ni Haye Nakra Tera Ni. Salman meets him and plays a game with him asking him to telling about his thinking. He tells him different words. Karan says Bigg Boss is the most challenging decision of his life and he called Akasa a strong girl. Awesome mirror said that Karan is a wolf.

Both Akasa and Karan played the Survival Kit task and they played a color and feet game. Akasa wins the task and she gets her Survival kit items. Akasa then enters the jungle part of the house and meets the other contestants there. Meanwhile Karan Kundrra entered through the tough part of the tunnel. Karan meets Jay and Vishal alongside other co-contestants.

Donal and Ieshaan were alone together at the isolated camp fire site. Ieshaan made the sitting arrangement for Donal. Ieshaan asked Donal about her personal and she says she gets aggressive at times.

Contestant no. 11 – Afsana Khan – Afsana came singing Yaar Mera Titaliya Warga and Pata Nahi Konsa Nasha Karda Ae. She says she will never give up her engagement ring and she came postponing her marriage and she did it for Bigg Boss. She further said that she can’t live without her fiance and he can’t live without her.

Awesome mirror said that Afsana is a monkey. She said that she wants to sing a song and Salman has to sing with her. Afsana sings Bhar Do Jholi Meri and Salman joins her as well.

Salman then introduced 2 more contestants

Contestant no. 12 and Contestant no. 13 – Miesha Iyer and Sahil Shroff – Miesha came on Haye Garmi song and Sahil came on Fashion ka Jalwa. They both joined Afsana on stage. Salman asked all three of them a few questions. Miesha says she is ready to do Mangal with boys here. Afsana says she can be very angry. Salman tells Sahil that he will get hunted here.

Awesome mirror says that Miesha is a puppy and it says that Sahil is a Cheetah. A survival task happened between all three of them. Sahil Shroff wins the survival task and he entered the house. Miesha and Afsana entered through the hard path.

Ranveer Singh came on stage and he says he came here to learn as he is now a part of Colors Family because he is hosting a show on the channel.

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