Anupamaa 4 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Anuj and Anupama did Bhoomi Pooja together

Baa tells Anupama to take the card away from her. Vanraj snatches it from Anupama’s hand and says I will see it. He says that Anupama Anuj Kapadia is written on the card. Baa, Kavya and other gets shocked. Anupama says your eye sight might be weak Mr. Vanraj Shah because you did not see the & written between two names. Anupama gives the card to Baa and Baa tears it apart. Baa says you are shameless because you given me a card with your name alongside a strange man written on it.

Kinjal asks why did you tear apart the card Baa, Bhailu Mama tells Baa that his memory might be weak but he remembers that Anupama has never done anything wrong. Anupama says its not a personal invitation card but a business invitation card and both the partners names needs to be on it. She tells Baa that Pooja is tomorrow at 9:00 AM and invites here

Baa says so you will still go and Anupama responds yes Baa I will go, sorry Baa. Bhailu tells Baa try not to lose her respect. Baa says nobody will go to pooja tomorrow. Bapuji says I will go, Bhailu says me too, Kinjal says me, Pakhi and Samar will go as well. Kavya provokes Baa saying that soon Anupama and Anuj’s marriage will happen and there will be 6 people to lift her doli.

GK tells Anuj to get married to Anupama so because his eyes wants to be blessed seeing them together. Anuj tells GK that there would be a lot of mess at Anu’s home tonight. He says I hope she is smiling today. Anupama puts together the inviation card back using cello tape. She says its a new work so some hurdle will surely come.

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Next morning GK, Devika and Anuj were waiting at the Bhoomi Poojan place for Anupama. Devika teased Anuj saying Anupama came but she was not there. Finally Anupama came and Anuj gets happy seeing her. He showed her the map of the hotel and clicked a selfie with her.

Vanraj, Baa and Kava were eating Khakhra at home. Baa tells Vanraj to do something otherwise things will go out of hand. Vanraj says I won’t go there. A postman came and gave a piece of paper to Vanraj. Vanraj reads it and says you should not have done it.

Samar thanked Anuj for making his mother happy and he takes promise from Anuj that he will always support Anupama. They both hugged each other and Anupama gets happy seeing their bond. Bhoomi Poojan started and both Anuj & Anupama sits together and started doing the Pooja. Vanraj arrived there with Kavya & Baa and he gets angry seeing Anuj and Anupama doing pooja together.

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