Anupamaa Maha Episode 3 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Anupama gets happy seeing her name on invitation card

Baa asks Anupama why did Anuj Kapadia did this favour on you, it seems like he has feelings for you. Anupama says its not a favour but a loan and she needs to pay it back by working in his company. Vanraj says to Baa that now your beloved Anupama will work with heart with Anuj. Anupama responds that this might have happened in your office Mr. Vanraj Shah but this doesn’t happen at my office.

Anuj comes back at his house and he tells GK that Vanraj insults and passes cheap comments on Anupama everyday and he can’t see this happening in front of his eyes. GK says Anupama is a strong woman and she can handle it herself. Anuj says Anupama deserves to live like a princess because she is a queen. He blamed himself for Anu’s present condition.

Kinjal informs Anupama about how Rohan is creating problems for Samar and Nandani. She showed her those cozy pictures of Rohan and Nandini. Anupama burned the pictures and says I will close this Rohan’s chapter.

At dance academy, Rohan came with his goons and she beats Samar very badly in front of Nandini’s eyes. Anupama reaches there and Samar behaved in front of her like everything is normal. Anupama tells them that she will get them engaged soon. Samar tells Nandini that he did not told Anupama about the problems because he doesn’t want to give her further stress.

Anupama receives a call from Bapuji and she left. Vanraj thinks where did she went. He tells Samar to call his mom and ask her where she is. Samar says you are worried because you think she went to Anuj Kapadia’s house. Vanraj says shut up.

Anupama reached Anuj’s house and he showed her the Bhumi Pujan invitation card. Anupama gets very happy after seeing her name on the card. She says its a big deal for her. GK tells her to cook something sweet for them. Anupama went to cook Baa’s favourite Halwa in Anuj’s kitchen and Anuj also went with her to cook. Anupama cooked the Halwa while Anuj was daydreaming about her.

Vanraj was waiting for Anupama sitting on a chair in front of the door. Anupama came and he asked her where were you till now. She said I went to meet Anuj Kapadia. He says you are shameless because you went alone to meet him. Bapuji tells that she went there with me. Vanraj asks why did you went there. Bapuji says I am your father and you have no right to question me.

Bapuji calls everyone and Anupama takes out the card. She takes Halwa & Card and went to Baa to take her blessings. Baa asks her about the smell and Anupama says I have made your favourite Halwa. Baa asks where did you cooked it and Anuj responds at Anuj’s kitchen. Baa says you are shameless that’s why you cooked in the kitchen of a strange man but I am not that much shameless to eat this Halwa.

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