Bigg Boss 15 Episode 17 Nov 2021 Written Updates – Nishant Bhat backstabs Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash

The final round of the jail task happened between Simba Nagpal and Rajiv Adatia but unfortunately Rajiv failed to convince the VIP housemates as a result of which he gets sent to jail. Rajiv gets very depressed that he was sent to jail by the people he trusted and Vishal Kotian said that now this is the opportunity for Rajiv to shine because he is nominated.

Later on Bigg Boss announced as a task and Tejasswi Prakash reads the letter, According to the task file, non vip members will become the Rakshas (Demon) and they will throw out one member from the vip’s in every round based on their task performance. Whichever VIP member will win the task he/she will get a special power as a reward.

Karan Kundrra and Pratik Sehajpal had a fight during the task as Pratik said that Karan is cheating but for that round Simba was sitting on the Rakshas chair so Pratik has no say in iit as per the rules. Simba disqualified Karan Kundrra inn that round after which he gets very angry but Tejasswi Prakash calms him down.

At the end Nishant Bhat wins the task and as a reward Bigg Boss gave him a special power to swap 2 vip members with 2 non vip members. Nishant Bhat removed Karan and Tejasswi frrom vip zone and he replaced them with Pratik and Simba.

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