Bigg Boss 15 Day 1 Episode 3 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Pratik vs Umar Fight, OTT Contestants Entry

Salman Khan came on stage and welcomed everyone giving the typical Bigg Boss 15 introduction. He then invited BB OTT finalists, Shamita Shetty, Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhatt on stage. Salman said whoever watched BB OTT, I want to say sorry to them but we will make it up for that here. Shamita talked about her BB OTT experience with Salman. Nishant said that he will do Jim Jam this time around and not 3-5. Pratik hugged Salman at first and said it was his dream to win Bigg Boss trophy by Salman’s hands. Salman showed a precap of BB OTT including the animosity and friendship among the OTT finalists in front of them.

Salman said Nishant and Pratik were good friends. Pratik says we were friends in OTT but here I don’t know. Nishant told about his BB OTT experience with Shamita and Pratik. Nishant says he sees deer in Shamita and Panther in Pratik. Shamita said she sees Tiger in Pratik and Hyena in Nishant. Pratik says he sees tiger in himself. Salman sends Pratik, Nishant and Shamita inn the house.

Ranveer comes to promote his upcoming show on Colors ‘The Big Picture’ He said he is hosting the show and he came to learn from Salman Khan. Ranveer also tells about his upcoming films release dates. Salman and Ranveer played a funny question answer game then and had some fun. Finally Ranveer Singh leaves the stage.

Donal and Ieshaan were still in the jungle and fake Gorilla ‘Big G’ gave a scroll to them. It was written in the scroll that Donal and Ieshaan has to nominate any one of themselves if they want to go in the house or both of them will get nominated for next week. Donal asked him for the favour as she made him with against Umar and Ieshaan agreed to get himself nominated.

Finally Donal and Ieshaan entered the Bigg Boss house and they meet the rest of the housemates as they were acting to sleep.

Bigg Boss tells all the contestants to gather in front of the main gate. He welcomed them with their animal personalities. Contestants said that the jungle is beautiful. Bigg Boss tells them you have to find your path to enter the main house while the ones who won’t able to will go out. At last Bigg Boss tells them to take rest as it was too late and tells them good night.

Ieshaan and Donal told the housemates about their experience in the actual jungle and how they had to nominate themselves to enter the house. Jay Bhanushali makes fun of Afsana and she took it lightly. Umar and Ieshaan had an argument about their Sultani Akhada fight. Jay and Akasa had a conversation regarding Umar and Ieshaan’s argument. Vishal Kotian gave todays news in front of the camera to end the night.

BB15 Day 1 Happenings and Updates

Day 1 – 12:00 PM – Housemates wake up on morning song ‘Chahe Koi Mujhe Junglee Kahe’

Day 1 – 12:15 pm – Vishal tells Jay that we are one and Jay said yes we have blind trust on each other. Vishal says we have Vidhi and Akasa on our side. Jay said I will bring Afsana but we need one more guy in our side. Vishal says Umar will come in our side.

Day 1 – 12:30 PM – Jay, Vishal and Vidhi had a conversation about their past relationship.

Day 1 – 12:45 PM – Afsana tells Karan, Jay, Umar and Vidhi that she came leaving her marriage and they had fun with her.

Day 1 – 3:00 PM – Big G came and he left a scroll. Karan reads the scroll and it has something about Khoobsurat Apsara written in it.

Day 1 – 3:15 PM – Vishal, Umar and Karan had a funny conversation with Miesha about ludo and they asked her about Pratik.

Day 1 – 3:30 PM – Vishwa Sundari talked to Tejasswi and she asked her what you understand about the scroll. Tejasswi says she thinks that you will bring beautiful ladies and Vishwa Sundari says only time will tell whether you are right or not. Tejasswi tells housemates about what Vishwa Sundari said.

Day 1 – 5:15 PM – Afsana says I love you and missing you to her fiance on camera.

Day 1 – 7:15 PM – Housemates were eating rice made by Afsana and Afsana got offended on the too much salt in food issue due to housemates complaints.

Day 1 – 8:30 PM – Afsana said to Bigg Boss that she made rice and they ruined it

Day 1 – 9:30 PM – Mouni Roy came dancing on Jungle bridge on ‘Raat Ka Nasha Abhi Song.’ Housemates praised her dance. Mouni asked them which 3 housemates they don’t like till now.

First Impression Task – Who Voted Whom

  • Sahil Shroff – Umar, Vidhi, and Vishal
  • Miesha – Ieshaan, Vidhi and Donal
  • Afsana – Vidhi, Tejasswi and Bisht
  • Karan – Ieshaan, Donal and Simba
  • Vidhi – Simba, Ieshaan and Afsana
  • Tejasswi – Vidhi, Ieshaan and Afsana
  • Donal – Miesha, Karan and Jay
  • Ieshaan – Umar, Miesha and Karan
  • Jay – Ieshaan, Donal and Simba
  • Umar – Donal, Sahil and Simba
  • Simba – Karan, Vidhi, Umar
  • Akasa – Donal, Afsana Ieshaan
  • Vishal – Sahil, Donal, Afsana

An argument happened between Tejasswi and Afsana again over the more salt in rice issue while the housemates were giving 3 names they don’t lie.

Jay had an argument with Ieshaan because Jay said Ieshaan is not giving too much effort despite he’s nominated.

Ieshaan, Vidhi and Donal had the most votes after which Mouni tells them to take the key and unlock the storeroom and clean the house.

Day 1 – 11:00 PM PM – Vidhi, Donal and Ieshaan takes the brooms for cleaning from the store room. Jay had a conversation with Simba after the voting task. Vishal said sorry to Donal if he was wrong and she felt bad.

Day 1 – 11:15 PM – Donal says to Vidhi that these people are so sweet on face but they are not the same. Also she got shocked about Akasa and Afsana.

Day 1 – 12:15 AM – Mouni was about to leave and the Bigg Boss house and Bigg Boss tells her to fulfill her job before leaving. Mouni said she brought the 3 housemates. Shamita, Nishant and Pratik entered the main house and other contestants were watching them from outside. Finally Mouni leaves the house.

All OTT contestant meets the other contestants and hugged them. Bigg Boss welcomed the OTT contestants and says these people are not limited to jungle part only and they will have some powers as well. Till the time they are inside only one among them will become captain and they will be safe from nomination. Also they are a danger for you all and when danger comes then there is a eclipse on jungle’s moon.

Umar and Pratik had a fight because Umar said Pratik looked nervous. Pratik said you were liking my hate comments on social media. Umar says who are you and Pratik responds the same to him. Other housemates came to calm them.

Vishal says to camera everyone wants them to hit each other but they won’t and they are doing it to get seen. He called their fight Tunda Fight.

Day 1 – 1:15 PM – Ieshaan tells Donal that they have already came in less and tells her to up her game a bit as they don’t have much time to understand to be active. Ieshaan says no boy is a competition to him here and Donal says lets play the game

Day 1 – 2:30 PM – Jay teased Vishal about Pratik telling him to ask Pratik for the Chilla

Day 1 – 3:30 PM – Vishal talked to camera and says good night to Bigg Boss

Day 1 – 3:45 PM – Umar talked to Miesha about Pratik that he was in BB OTT for 6 weeks and if he does the same here then people will be fed up of him. Miesha says he is like that.

Day 1 – 4:15 PM – Miesha tells about her conversation with Umar to Pratik. She says people are teasing her about her relation him.

Day 1 – 4:30 PM – Miesha asked Pratik why he did not called him outside to ask about her well being and he had a friendship of convenience with her. Miesha almost called him fake. Their conversation did not ended on a good note.

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