Bigg Boss 17 Episode 4 Written Updates 18 October 2023 – Kitchen Fights, Neil and Aishwarya Dinner Date – Full Details

In the episode 4 of Bigg Boss 17 on 18 October 2023, Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma went on a special dinner date organized by the makers of the show. Neil decides to target Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain moving forward. Ankita had an argument with Abhishek over cold food and Aishwarya was seeing fighting with Anurag.

Jigna and Soniya had a fight with Khanzaadi over the distribution of kitchen duties. Later on, a fight broke out between Isha and Khanzaadii, as Khanzaadi made some remarks related to Isha’s looks. Munawar at the end said that he will start his game soon.

BB17 Day 3 Episode 4 All Happenings Written Details

Day 3 – 8:00 AM – Bigg Boss morning anthem started and all the contestant gathered in the garden to sing as well as groove on the melodious track.

Day 3 – 9:30 AM – Anurag complained about the morning tea, but Mannara said that its good as per her.

Day 3 – 10:30 AM – Abhishek Kumar tells Sunny that he didn’t like his reason to nominate him. Munawar talks to camera and said that Abhishek is using his brain after coming into nomination. He also gave his views about Anurag by saying that Anurag talks less to him.

Day 3 – 12:30 PM – Ankita Lokhande was singing zubi dubi and Navid was dancing on it. Khanzaadi tells Sunny that she felt TV actors are not interacting with them.

Day 3 – 1:00 PM – Sunny was showing his expensive slippers and jacket to Ankita & Mannara. He cracked some funny jokes on them and they started laughing.

Day 3 – 1:15 PM – Arun and Sunny gave some Hindi sentences to Navid and they started laughing on his bad pronunciation

Day 3 – 1:30 PM – Khazaadi tells Abhishek that he needs a sensible girl and as per her, Isha is still childish. Khanzaadi tells Sunny that if he is okay then she will do friendship with Abhishek.

Day 3 – 2:15 PM – Munawar talks to Abhishek about the changing dynamics of house with time. Khanzaadi tells Sunny that this game will get more interesting with time.

Day 3 – 2:30 PM – Mannara Chopra tells Anurag that she can do a lot of house work then other people in the house. Mannara tells Anurag that he is not smart like other contestants and he will become target soon.

Day 3 – 4:15 PM – Contestants read a warning on the Hyundai wall and all contestants thought that its about Vicky.

Day 3 – 5:15 PM – Abhishek tells Munawar that he is trying his best to ignore Isha Malviya by talking to other girls and he even wants to marry her.

Day 3 – 5:45 PM – Bigg Boss tells all the contestants to gather in Mohalle Ka Chowk. BB tells contestants that he has prepared a Garden of roses for Aishwarya and Neil to go on a romantic date. Aishwarya and Neil went into garden of roses and Soniya started backbiting with Mannara about Aishwarya’s attitude outside. Neil tells Aishwarya that many people are trying to separate them here.

Day 3 – 6:00 PM – Neil Bhatt tells Aishwarya that Abhishek only listens to Vicky and Aishwarya said that even Isha follows him. Bigg Boss tells them that nobody considers them as a threat in the house right now. Neil Bhatt says that he will target Ankita and Vicky from now on.

Day 3 – 6:30 PM – Ankita Lokhande complained to Mannara Chopra for saying Madam Ke Vicky and Mannara said that she said it in a casual way. Isha Malviya took Ankita’s side, Abhishek came in between, but Isha tells him to stay away.

Day 3 – 6:45 PM – Vicky Jain asks Neil Bhatt about his dinner date and Neil said that they just ate food.

Day 3 – 7:00 PM – Ankita Lokhande and Abhishek Kumar had an argument over cold boiled eggs. Ankita said that I lost and then she called him stupid. Finally both of them apologized to each other.

Day 3 – 7:15 PM – Anurag tells Neil and Aishwarya that he is shocked seeing the fights over food here. Neil said that many people are doing it just to be seen.

Day 3 – 7:30 PM – Soniya and Jigna fight with Khanzaadi over kitchen duty issues. Khanzaadi said that from tomorrow she will do kitchen duty and its done.

Day 3 – 7:45 PM – Khanzaadi was crying and Abhishek tells her not to cry.

Day 3 – 8:00 PM – Soniya and Khanzaadi sorted out things between them.

Day 3 – 8:15 PM – Munawar tells Mannara to go and make friendship with either Ankita, Aishwarya, or Neil in Dil house. The arguements over house duties continues and Aishwarya had a heated argument with Anurag.

Day 3 – 8:30 PM – Abhishek complains about not doing garden duty alone.

Day 3 – 9:00 PM – Sana Raees Khan reassigns the duties between all the contestants

Day 3 – 9:45 PM – Arun tries to fight with Abhishek, but Abhishek tells him that I won’t give you a issue. Vicky tells Ankita that he understood the game very well and he doesn’t need to discuss it.

Day 3 – 10:00 PM – Jigna Vora cries and says that Khanzaadi & Soniya played a dirty game today. She further said that I will play the game from now on. Isha and Khanzaadi had an argument and Khanzaadi called her ugly. Abhishek took Isha’s side and he tries to calm her down. Abhishek tells Khanzaadi that Isha is the prettiest girl here.

Day 3 – 10:15 PM – Munawar tells Aishwarya and Isha that Khanzaadi has a issue with the accent. Vicky Jain tells Abhishek to not to disrespect women again.

Day 3 – 11:15 PM – Jigna Vora patched up with both Soniya Bansal and Khanzaadi in the garden area. She tells Soniya to not to play this game with me. Munawar said that I haven’t started playing till now, but I am having a lot of fun.

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