ALTT Web Series Honey Trap Squad Season 1 EP 1 (The Package) Full Written Updates with All Hot Scenes Details

The episode starts with three hot girls named Riya Roy aka Agent 5 (Akanksha Puri), Joana Rodrigues aka Agent 12 (Anjali Pandey), and Bebo Kapoor aka Agent 11 (Ruma Sharma) coming to a resort and then they get ready for the party. Girls went to watch a cricket match and a guy named Vicky Agarwal (Manu Punjabi) tells them to bet on the other team. Girls asks him, why should we trust you? Vicky says that if you lose then I will pay the money. Girls ended up winning the bet because of Vicky’s tip.

Girls went to a club to party and Vicky invited them to party with him. All three girls started drinking, dancing and seducing Vicky. Riya invites Vicky to the bedroom and he obliges. All the girls went to the bedroom with Vicky to enjoy even more.

All the girls came up dressed up in different roleplay costumes in front of Vicky. Riya was wearing a cop outfit and she ended up handcuffing Vicky. After handcuffing Vicky, Riya calls someone and tells that person that Honey your package is secure. Vicky gets shocked.

Vicky ends up finding himself in a interrogation room. Bebo enters the room and Vicky asks him, why you brought me here? He further says, I have never even broken any traffic rules. Bebo shows his parents video on a laptop and then she shows him his bank account balance. She tells him that we have deposited 10 crores in your account and all your friends thinks that you have escaped after committing a money fraud.

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Bebo gives Vicky an option that if he gives them all the details about his counterfeiting network then they will give him a second chance to start a new life with a new identity. Vicky ends up signing the papers.

Janhavi Shah aka Agent 8 (Sandeep Virk) was showing making love with a much younger guy on the bed and suddenly she receives a call. She says, hi honey! when, sure. Janhavi tells the guy that her husband is coming and he tells him to leave him. Janhavi tells him that you can’t take that much responsibilities and she will call him when she needs him.

Mitra tells his boss at RAW Headquarters that they have successfully Vicky Agarwal, all thanks to Honey Trap Squad. Mitra tells his boss that we got full information about counterfeit operations. Mitra’s boss tells him that we got a strong tip that a huge counterfeit consignment is coming and you need to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

At Dubai, Hamid Shaikh (Ali Quli Mirza) receives a call and a person tells him that we got no info about Vicky and there are 10 crores in his account, it seems he escaped. Hameed tells him that this can never happen and there is something fishy, he tells him to call technician and ask him. Hamid receives another call and the person on phone tells him that Rs 2000 currency notes got banned in India and they need to make their fake notes cross the border. Hamid tells him to not to worry.

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