ALTT Web Series Honey Trap Squad Season 1 EP 2 (The Interview) Full Written Updates with Akanksha Puri Hot Scenes Info

Riya receives a call from the headquarters and she wears her clothes. The guy on the phone tells her that they have a mission for her and she has to do it because she is close to the location. Riya was told to come on the video call and connect with Janhavi. Riya makes a video call to Janhavi using her laptop.

The guy on phone sends a picture of Technician to both Riya and Janhavi. He tells them that he is the one who keeps all the communication of international mafia secure and coincidentally he is staying in the same hotel where Riya is staying. Riya was told to get ready and then she will be contacted again in 20 minutes.

Riya went to the bar of the hotel and she starts drinking. Asish Agnihotri aka Technician (Karanvir Bohra) buys her a drink. Ashish tells Riya that I know in a country like India, its not good manners to offer a drink to a girl but at the same time its also disrespectful to not to offer a drink to a beautiful girl in India.

Ashish introduced himself to Riya and she showed him middle finger and tells him that she is taken. Riya tells Ashish to move forward and leave introductions aside because she doesn’t believe in wasting time. Riya and Ashish ends up making out with each other in the bedroom.

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Bebo tells Riya on video call that Asish looks very hot. Janhavi tells Riya that she has checked hotel’s CCTV and technician is checking out, Bebo says that its his style because he doesn’t stay in a same place for more than two nights and that too with fake name.

Riya tells them that she won’t be able to do it anymore because she had fun with him last night. Honey tells her that he is sending her his location and he is sure that she will make something up. Riya agrees to do the job.

Both Riya and Ashish checks out from the hotel and the driver in Ashish’s car sends the location of his next hotel to Janhavi. Riya started following Ashish to hotel Golden Tulip. Ashish entered the hotel and he gets shocked seeing Riya there. Riya finally introduces herself to Ashish as Nyra. Ashish decides to leave the hotel but then he decided to stay.

A guy at the terrace gave a photograph of Vicky to Ashish and then he tells him that he is missing. Ashish makes a call to Hamid and he tells him to not to worry as his job will be done. Ashish gets inside the swimming pool and Riya was in the pool as well. Riya asks Ashish, what work he do? Ashish tells her that he is unemployed. Riya invites Ashish for the interview at the club.

Ashish went to the club for the interview with Riya and the bartender (undercover agent) went inside his room for searching. Janhavi tells her to not to touch any electronic item because technician might have rigged it.

Ashish tells Riya that he is ready for the interview. Riya started dancing with Ashish and the bartender was still searching in his room. Bartender completed her search and then Janhavi tells her that its time to signal Riya. Bartender signals Riya by bringing a drink for her.

Riya takes Ashish on a late night long drive and she started doing rash driving in drunk state. Traffic police officers arrested Ashish and then Riya makes a phone call to Honey. Riya tells Honey that your package is secured.

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