Ullu Web Series Jhumke Episode 1 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

Ratna (Khushboo Kamal) and her family was riding in the car and her daughter Shilpa (Mahi Soni) requested her father Ashok to buy her an ice-cream. Ashok (Nivaan Sen) says I will eat it with you. Ratna in the back seat says that nobody will eat ice-cream because she gets ill after eating it and I don’t have money to give to doctor for her treatment.

Ashok and Shilpa were playing in the park. Ratna’s boss Shekhar (Rahul Sharma) along with his girlfriend Priya came to the park. Ratna greets them and Ashok stares at her navel. Ratna says to Priya that her earrings are very beautiful. Shekhar says these are diamond earrings and that’s why they are shining. Priya clicked a picture with Shilpa and tells Ratna that she will send her the picture. Priya and Shekhar leaves from the park. Ashok brought ice-cream for Shilpa and Ratna says she won’t eat it. Ashok says lets her eat as Shilpa won’t eat paani puri.

At night Ratna was staring at Priya’s earrings in the picture she sent her. She tells Ashok that her earrings are very beautiful. Ashok tries to get romantic with her and Ratna says I won’t let you touch me till the time your bring me earrings like her. Ashok tells her to ask Priya about their price and from where she brought them after which he will buy them for her. Ashok brought Ratna in the hall after which they both made love with each other.

Next morning Ashok congratulates Urfi bhai on buying new car. He tells him that he got this car because he invested ₹ 10,000 in a bc. Shilpa wished good morning to Urfi after which Ashok took her to drop her to school.

Ratna went to Shekhar’s home for work and both Priya & Shekhar were having tea. Shekhar stares at Ratna’s cleavage. Priya tells Ratna to clean bedroom first. Ratna started cleaning the bedroom and she saw Priya’s earrings on the table after which she wears them and clicked some photographs. Shekhar came in the bedroom and he asked Ratna, do you like these earrings? Shekhar helped Ratna in removing the earrings. Priya came in room and Shekhar started blaming Ratna for trying to steal Priya’s earrings. He even showed photographs of Ratna wearing those earrings to Priya. Priya tells Shekhar to go and eat your breakfast. She tells Ratna that I have full faith on you. Ratna asked Priya about the price of earrings and she says ₹ 3 Lakh and 15000. Ratna asked from where did you bought these and Priya says from Kundan Jewellers.

At night Ashok asked Ratna that whether she asked Priya about the price of earrings or not. Ratna says those earrings are priced at ₹ 3 lakh because they are diamond earrings. Later in the night Ratna was once again staring at Priya’s earrings in the photograph on mobile.

Next morning Ashok was going to drop Shilpa to school but his car was not starting. He gets out of the car and Urfi asked him what happened. Ashok says there is some fault in the car. Urfi advices him to sell it and buy a new one. Ashok tells Urfi to invest in a BC for him. Ashok requested Urfi to drop Shilpa to school and he agrees.

Later in the day Ashok tried to get close to Ratna and she tells him that till the time you won’t brought me earrings like Priya, don’t even think of touching me.

Ratna went to work at Shekhar’s house and she saw Shekhar there in towel. She asked where is Priya and he says that her mother is ill and she went to see her. Ratna advices Shekhar to marry Priya so both of them can have a family. Shekhar tells her to prepare his breakfast because he needs to go to work soon. Ratna saw the earrings on table and she wears them again. Shekhar asks her, do you like these earrings? He then asks her why do you keep on wearing them? Ratna says I have a strong desire for them and Shekhar says just like I have a strong desire for you. He offered Ratna to wear those earrings and fulfil his desires until Priya comes back.

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