Anupama: Namaste America Episode 11 Written Updates – Anuj and Kavya made special appearance

Anupama tells Vanraj that for a woman becoming a mother is the biggest happiness but you used it as a jail to stop me from going to America. Vanraj was going to leave from the room and she says that she will never forget about it as the new born child will always remind her of this conspiracy by both you & Leela against me.

6 Months later – Shah family got shifted to the new house and everyone was celebrating. Leela started showing concern for Anupama as she was pregnant. She tells Anupama that its good you didn’t went to America. Moti Baa scolds Leela for trying to rub salt on Anupama’s wounds and she tells her that one day after my death Anupama will do something very big and you will be alive at that time to see it.

Anuj arrived at Ahmedabad and he wonders that Anupama did not came to America so he came here to meet her.

Leela says that I called Dhamecha family for dinner because they like the food prepared by Anupama a lot and Moti Baa says have some shame because she is pregnant. Moti Baa tells Leela that we will hire a maid because Anupama will dance after her delivery. Vanraj says she won’t get time after delivery. Leela says I will see how will she fulfil her dreams. She further says that I’ll keep you busy with family Anupama.

Vanra gets happy as his boss informed him that he is going to USA after 2 months. Vanraj informed Anupama about this good news. Anupama says but my delivery is going to take place at that time. Vanraj says so what because husband’s only stays outside of OT and also Baa, Bapuji, & everyone else will be there to support you. Anupama says but your presence is important. Vanraj says I have made a lot of sacrifices as well and he was thinking about Ritika that time.

Anupama says becoming a mother is the biggest strength for a woman and I will fulfil my dreams one day so that my three kids can say it proudly that she is our mother. She futher says that I will keep my documents safe because life will give me a second chance one day.

Vanraj leaves for work and Anuj came outside of Shah house. Anuj secretly stalks Anupama from outside and then he says one day I will definitely meet you that’s my promise to myself.

Vanraj sits in a cab and Kavya was already present in the cab. Both of them shared the cab because they both were going to new market. Kavya praised the fragrance of Vanraj’s perfume.

Vanraj received a message from Ritika and in that message she wrote – Please don’t do this Vanraj we need to give us another chance. Vanraj replied – Its over. Vanraj blocked Ritika on his phone. Kavya received a call from Anirudh but she rejected the call.

The episode ended with a poem which is as follows :

Ghum ke khat ke chaaro koone jaante hai dard ko
Dil ke yeh toote khilone jaante hai dard ko
Dard hi milwata hai aur dard ki karta judaa
Ghar ka pata le haath mei ghumte hum ghumshuda

Baat jo lab pe na aayi jaanti hai dard ko
Aankh mei rakhi tanhayi jaanti hai dard ko
Dard hi milwata hai aur dard hi karta judaa
Ghar ka pata le haath mei hum ghumte hai ghumshuda

Peeke vish jo muskarayi jaanti hai dard ko
Hasti gaati Meera Bai jaanti hai dard ko
Jo hassi mei dhal gaya woh dard hai sabse judaa
Ghar ka pata le haath mei hum ghumte hai ghumshuda

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