MTV Roadies Journey in South Africa Episode 13 Written Updates 6 May 2022 – 4th Vote Out, Who Voted Against Whom, Kevin vs Yukti

In the morning all the roadies received a message on their smartphones at the camp side and immune pairs were told to get ready as they will go for sailing. Jashwanth, Baseer, Ashish, and Sakshi got ready and they all enjoyed sailing on boat. Baseer tells Ashish on the boat that he doesn’t want to see Arushi Chawla on this show anymore because she was ungrateful as he gave her immunity. All four roadies went back to the camp.

Back at the camp side all the roadies were presented with a Wai Wai gift hamper and they all enjoyed the hamper by munching on the noodles.

Roadies received another message on their smartphones and it was from Sonu Sood. They were told to get ready as its time for next vote out.

Baseer tells both Kevin & Soundous that my vote won’t go against neither of you. Yukti tells Sohil that I don’t understand how did groups formed all of a sudden. Kevin tells Soundous that I can trust Baseer but Yukti & Sohil hell no. Baseer tells Nandini, Simi, Ashish & Sakshi that my vote will go against Arushi Chawla and if you guys have her name in mind then we can play it together.

Simi tells Yukti that Arushi Chawla’s name is coming and Yukti says I won’t vote against her because I can’t see Sidharth above Arushi. Kevin told Arsh to go and listen what are they talking about and who is their main target. Sohil says for me Kavya is target. Simi says I am in two minds.

Arsh told Kevin that Arushi is the target. Kevin requested Baseer not to target Arushi and vote against Sohil & Simi because that’s the only way we can weaken Yukti. Kevin says if you do as I say then I can give you my word. Kevin tells Ashish that we should target Sohil & Simi because they are playing very smart game. Ashish told Yukti & Sohil that Kevin told him to vote against Sohil & Simi. Yukti says he exposed himself.

All the roadies came at the vote out location. Kevin says I want to ask a question to Baseer, when you came to me and you said that I’m hearing your name from the other side. Baseer says I don’t remember this conversation but remind me. Kevin says that time my eyes got open as I wanted to see who’s really with me and who’s not with me. Kevin further says when someone is talking about you and that time you enter the room everyone goes quiet and today that happened to me a lot.

Yukti says the phrase Mungeri Laal Ke Haseen Sapne applies perfectly on Kevin because he is lost and thank God because you Arsh we found out that the story has started otherwise Kevin was going to expose everyone during the vote out.

1 Hour Earlier – Yukti and Simi got shocked knowing that Arsh told Kevin that Simi is going to vote against Arushi. Simi says if I went home today because of you Arsh then you will wait and watch. Yukti went outside and she started mocking Arsh in front of everyone that he spread the rumour that Simi is saying that Arsh has started bonding with Baseer and he has started to formulate an alliance. Arushi says Simi has not said anything like this.

Kevin started saying that I will expose all of you because you were planning to target Arushi. Yukti and Kevin started having a heated argument. Baseer was enjoying seeing them fighting with each other. Simi says everything is not strategy and Kevin responds don’t push me to open my mouth. Kevin and Yukti got very aggressive during their argument and other roadies came in between.

Back to Present – Sohil tells Kevin that today I found out you guys are going to take our name. Kevin responds yes I said after I found out that you guys are going against me. Yukti started asking all the roadies one by one that did she ever told them that she is going against Kevin or Arushi. All of them responded saying no. Yukti says end of story. Kevin says I am 100% sure my team members are backstabbing me.

Nandini says that Simi told them that she will waste her vote. Kavya counters saying no she didn’t said that because her actual words were, Sid is my priority and I won’t vote against him. Kavya says you feel that you are very smart but we have played this game before you. Sidharth says Kavya told me to not to talk with Simi and if you will have any scene with anybody then it should be with your buddy. Kavya responds if you will go this cheap then I am sorry.

Sidharth says when we lose then she always says this is my fault. Kavya says I always motivate him. Kevin said that Sidharth told me I am stuck with Kavya. Yukti says now I will expose you Kevin because you said about Soundous that you are stuck with her. Soundous asked Kevin, did you said that? Kevin responds no.

Sidharth told Kevin if today anyone vote against you then its because of the conversation we had now. Ashish told Kevin that we won many tasks because of Sohil & Simi. Kevin says no we won because of you and me. Yukti says Kevin is very arrogant. Kevin says Ashish you are standing up for them only because of Yukti. Ashish says I’m solo. Kevin in the background says that Ashish is playing like a snake because he doesn’t have a spine.

Sonu Sood says that now its time for vote out but before that I want to play a game.

Sonu Sood gave a special power to both the immune buddy pairs as per which they can save one buddy pair each but the pair which they will save will be revealed after all the votes gets counted.

Baseer & Jashwanth and Ashish & Sakshi were told to go in a corner to decide the name of the buddy pair which they want to save.

Time came for vote out and roadies started voting out buddy pairs one by one

Roadies Journey in South Arica fourth Vote Out – Who voted out Whom :

  • Arushi Chawla voted out Sidharth Manoj and Kavya Khurana 
  • Sohil Jhuti voted out Kevin Almasifar and Soundous Moufakir
  • Sakshi Sharma voted out Sidharth Manoj and Kavya Khurana
  • Simi Talsania voted out Kevin Almasifar and Soundous Moufakir
  • Yukti Arora Ali voted out Kevin Almasifar and Soundous Moufakir
  • Jashwanth Bopanna voted out Arsh Wahi and Arushi Chawla
  • Baseer Ali voted out Arsh Wahi and Arushi Chawla
  • Arsh Wahi voted out Yukti Arora and Nandini G
  • Soundous Moufakir voted out Yukti Arora and Nandini G
  • Sidharth Manoj voted out Kevin Almasifar and Soundous Moufakir
  • Nandini G voted out Kevin Almasifar and Soundous Moufakir
  • Ashish Bhatia voted out Kevin Almasifar and Soundous Moufakir

Kevin Almasifar & Soundous Moufakir received highest no. of votes against them – 6 votes 

Sonu Sood says that now we will reveal the names of buddy pairs which were being saved by immune buddy pairs.

Ashish Bhatia and Sakshi Sharma saved Sohil Jhuti & Simi Talsania

Baseer Ali and Jashwanth Bopanna saved Kevin Almasifar and Soundous Moufakir

Sonu Sood announced that we now have 3 buddy pairs on 2 votes each i.e.

  • Yukti & Nandini
  • Arsh & Arushi
  • Kavya & Sidharth

Two votes are still remaining to be counted and they both are against the same buddy pair and its evident that they will go home today.


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