Ullu Web Series Charmsukh ( Sex Education ) Episode 2 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

Swarna and Sudhi were having tea and Sudhi had a sqeeze ball in her hand and she was squeezing it. Swarna asks Sudhi is it too difficult to make Jatin happy. Sudhi says yes it is. Swarna says before marriage now you need to practice with this ball everyday as only a few days are left in the wedding. Sudhi asks Swarna about who taught her all this then Swarna says there was a guy and his name was Avinash, he was my boyfriend before my marriage with your dad, he was very naughty and we have done a lot of kaand. Sudhi says mom can I make a boyfriend then Swarna says no there is no time for it now. Sudhi says then how will I learn. Swarna says even I don’t understand then Sudhi asks her about who made this tradition. Swarna says I don’t know as if I knew it then I would have kicked him in a place that he couldn’t have made anything else. Sudhi says mom this Suhagraat should be mine and not yours. Swarna says even I don’t have any intention to make a Suhagraat with Jatin but tradition says that if daughter won’t be able to make husband happy then mother have to make him happy. Sudhi says I should try something in real then Swarna says I have an idea.

Swarna gives three carrrots to Sudhi and says one is thin, the other one is a bit thick and the third one is the thickest but you should start with the thin one. Swarna tells Sudhi to go inside bedroom and do as I say from outsde. Swarna tells Sudhi to take off her clothes first. Sudhi takes off clothes and sits on bed. Swarna tells her to pick the thinnest carrot, Sudhi picks it up. Swarna tells her to move it gently on your body, Sudhi does the same. Sudhi starts taking pleasue with the carrot. Carrot broke and Sudhi says mom it broke, Swarna says what. Swarna says I didn’t told your to wrestle then Sudhi says sorry. Swarna tells her to pick the second carrot which is a bit thick and Sudhi picks it up and Swarna tells her to do it gently now. Sudhi again starts taking pleasure with the carrot and she was feeling a lot of pain. Sudhi says mom its not going in then Swarna says try it and it will go. Carrot breaks again and Sudhi says mom it broke as well. Swarna says the way you are going, you will make Keema of Jatin. Sudhi says I will try the third one then Swarna says leave it. Sudhi says I will take care of everything during Suhagraat.

Sudhi was sitting on bed for her Suhagraat. Swarna came and tells her that its a very important day as don’t do anything due to which I need to get inside this room and you need to be out. Sudhi says mom don’t worry I will take care of everything. Swarna says now everything is in your hands and leaves.

Jatin was about to enter the bedroom but his sisters stopped him outside and asked him for shagun money then Jatin gave them some money but they say we need more. Jatin’s mother says to him to give them more money otherwise they will keep on standing here. Jatin gave them more money. Jatin enters the room.

Jatin’s mother tells Swarna that now you need to take care of everything. Swarna says don’t worry as I have taught Sudhi very well. Inside the bedroom, Jatin praises Sudhi’s beauty and asked for permission to kiss her and Sudhi gave him permission. Outside the bedroom Jatin’s mom tells Swarna that I hope everything will be fine and you don’t need to do anything as per tradition. Swarna says you don’t worry and go and relax. Swarna was a bit worried.

Jatrin removes Sudhi’s jewellery and they started kissing on the bed. Sudhi was sitting on Jatin’s lap and Jatin removed her blouse and they started making love. Swarna outside the room was getting happy hearing their love making voices. Swarna prays that everything will be fine. Jatin puts Sudhi aside and says don’t you know how to do anything. He says I don’t know where did I got trapped. Sudhi wears back her clothes and Jatin tells her to go out. Sudhi leaves the room crying.

Sudhi comes outside and looks at Swarna. Swarna enters the bedroom and locks it from inside. Swarna removes her saree and she starts kissing Jatin on bed. Sudhi was crying outside the room. Swarna sits on top of Jatin and starts giving him pleasure but she was very emotional at the same time. Swarna then kissed Jatin again and she again starts giving him pleasure sitting on top. Swarna sees Sudhi’s bride dress on bed and gets emotional. Sudhi was crying badly sitting outside the room. The episode ends with Jatin getting satisfied by Swarna while Sudhi was crying sitting outside the room.

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