ALT Balaji Hai Taubba Season 3 Episode 4 (My Husband’s Lover) Written Update with Lesbian Hot Scenes Details

The story of this episode revolves around a disabled girl named Sapna and her husband Karthik. Sapna was sad as Karthik after her disability does not give her love like he used to do in the past. Kartik leaves in the morning in a hurry saying he has to go to the airport and Sapna was alone at home.

Sapna receives a message from Kartik telling her to wear black tonight as they will enjoy. Kartik does not come home as Sapna was waiting for him and he messages her saying he gets stuck at work. Its was raining heavily and someone knocks on the door. Sapna opens the door and a girl named Lena Sinha came saying she is there neighbour and she lost her house keys so she asks for permission to spent some time there. Sapna tells her to come in.

Lena goes in the washroom to change and she comes outside in a bathrobe. Sapna asks Lena, Are you comfortable in the Bathrobe? Lena says yes there is no guy here and why should I feel shy in front of you. Sapna offers her coffee but Lena says she drinks only wine and they both started having conversation while drinking red wine.

Lena offers to give Sapna a massage and after so much of insisting Sapna finally agrees as she come in a towel. Lena lifts Sapna and puts her on bed. Lena started giving Sapna a hot oil massage. While giving massage Lena ties Sapna to the bed and then she tells her that she is her husband’s lover and he used to dominate her and make love with her at the same time cheating her wife.

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Sapna tells Lena ok I will leave him. Lena had a gun and Sapna snatches it from her and points it at her. Lena says its not loaded and then she snatches it back from Sapna and shows her the magazine as it was empty. Lena shows a video proof of Karthik cheating on Sapna to her and Sapna cries after seeing it.

Lena says I can fulfill your needs and I want you badly also I will care for you but I won’t use any force on you as you have to enjoy it as well. Sapna refuses. Lena was about to leave but Sapna grabs her from behind and they started kissing each other. Episode ended.

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