Ullu Web Series Charmsukh ( Tauba Tauba ) Part 1 Episode 1 Written Update with Vimla & Rupa Hot Scenes Details

The episode starts with Vimla (Rajsi Verma) grinding spices on a silvatta and her husband Vijendra (Arun Tiwari) asks her, why is she not grinding the spices in a mixer. Vimla responds that my sister is coming from foreign country and I want her to have the desi taste of Indian spices. Vijendra says that it seems you forgot about me as your sister is coming and Vimla responds I can never forget you and if you don’t trust me then I can show you. Vijendra says yes show me. Vimla was going to kiss Vijendra but he stopped her saying that someone might see us Vimla says everyone should see that how much I love you and Vijendra responds no I don’t want anyone to see you except me. Vijendra lifts Vimla is his arms and took her to the bedroom.

Vijendra puts Vimla on bed and she says that you brought me in the bedroom, now tell me what kind of pampering you want. Vijendra says no I will pamper you. Vijendra started kissing on Vimla’s legs and then he kissed on her upper body followed by her navel and then they both started kissing on each other lips.

Vimla gets off the bed and she was standing on the floor in the bedroom. Vijendra took off her saree and the he made her sit on a table. He lifts up her petticoat a bit and then he started kissing on her neck, her navel, and her legs. Vimla takes off Vijendra’s shirt and then Vijendra started kissing all over her body again.

Vijendra opened Vimla’s blouse and then they passionately started kissing on each other lips. Vimla gets off the table and she started kissing on Vijendra’s body after which she took off his pyjama. Vimla started kissing on Vijendra’s back and he once again started kissing on her body. Vijendra takes off petticoat of Vimla and yet again he continued kissing on her body. Vijendra puts Vimla on a couch and he started passionately kissing on her navel.

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Rupa (Muskan Agarwal) arrived from the airport with the driver (Basant Kumar) and he knocked the door of the house saying Rupa baby has arrived. Vijendra was still making love with Vimla on the couch and he tells her that your sister has arrived. Vimla says let her come and he says that what will she think seeing us like that. Vimla says that you said that I will forget you when my sister will come and now see I am right in front of you. Vijendra started kissing her again but the driver knocked the door once more.

Vimla tells driver to go and tell Rupa that I am busy with my husband and Vijendra tells him to tell her that Vimla is coming. Vijendra promised Vimla that he will never tell her again that she forgot her. Vimla says because of Rupa I did not got satisfaction for the first time.

Rupa was sitting on the couch in the living room and driver was staring her at cleavage. Rupa asks, where is Vimla di? Driver says that Vimla madam said that she is busy. Rupa says but you said that she is coming. Driver said that sir told me to first listen to him and then madam. Rupa says what rubbish you are talking.

Vimla came and she hugged Rupa. Vimla tells her that she was busy in making food for her. Driver was staring at Rupa’s cleavage once again and Vimla noticed that. Vimla tells Rupa that its not a foreign country where you can wear such short clothes. Vijendra came shirtless in front of Rupa. Vijendra stares at Rupa’s cleavage and Rupa got tempted seeing him. Vijendra leaves from there saying Chee Chee.

Rupa asks Vimla, what happened? Vimla says that seeing you in short clothes he got ashamed. Vimla tells her that till the time you are here, you cannot wear short clothes. Rupa says that I didn’t stopped you from doing second marriage and you can’t stop me from wearing short clothes. Rupa asks, where is guest room? Driver tells her the location and she tells him to bring her luggage in guest room. Driver followed her.

Rupa went in the guest room and she started thinking about Vijendra shirtless. Rupa says that I will wear short clothes di and I will seduce Vijendra jiju. Also saali is aadhi gharwaali.

Rupa in her bedroom took off her shoes, then she took off her shorts and after that her bikini. Driver came in the room with the luggage and he gets amazed seeing Rupa in her bra and Panty. He was standing behind her and Rupa unhooked her bra after which she took it off.

Driver said Rupa baby and Rupa turned around in shock. He says that I brought your luggage and then he started staring at her topless body. Rupa noticed that and tells her to get out. Driver requests Rupa to not to tell Vijendra about it or he will lose his job after which he leaves the room. Rupa smiles and says now this driver will help me in getting Vijendra jiju.

At night, Vijendra in his room was thinking about Rupa’s exposed cleavage and Vimla came in the room. Vijendra asks Vimla, what was your sister wearing? Vimla tells Vijendra to forgive Rupa for wearing short clothes as she lived in foreign for a long time because of which she got spoiled. Vijendra says Chee Chee. Vimla says leave all this as I will talk to Rupa about it.

Vimla started kissing Vijendra saying that our work has not finished yet which we started before Rupa’s arrival. Vijendra started imagining Vimla as Rupa and then he tells Vimla that thinking about Rupa’s short clothes my life got ruined and you are talking about unfinished business. Vimla started kissing him again saying that you need to forget and I will talk to Rupa. Vijendra once again started imagining Vimla as Rupa. Vijendra leaves the room saying Chee Chee. Vimla says that thinking about Rupa’s inappropriate clothing, Vijendra ji has got totally messed up and I need to do something about Rupa’s short clothes.

Later that night, Rupa takes water from fridge in a glass and suddenly she got bumped to Vijendra after which water fell on her cleavage and it got wet. Rupa started cleaning her wet cleavage with her hands in a sensual way in front of Vijendra and he started getting seduced after which he said Chee Chee. Rupa tries to stop him saying Jijaji listen to me but he left. Rupa smiles and she touched her body gently.

Vijendra went in the balcony and he started thinking about Rupa’s wet cleavage. Vijendra says that my mind has got that much dirty that I am thinking that Rupa intentionally bumped with me, so that she can seduce me. Vijendra further says that I need to stop having such dirty thoughts because Rupa is my sister-in-law and not wife.

A bit later, Rupa was putting nail paint on her feet and someone knocked on the door. She says that the door is open so come inside. Driver asks, did you called me Rupa baby? Rupa says that you have learned after first time that you should not enter someone’s room without knocking on the door. Driver apologized to her for that day and Rupa says that I called you to forgive you. Driver says I don’t understand.

Rupa tells driver to take off his clothes and driver says what. Rupa once again told him to remove his clothes. Driver says that I can’t do it. Rupa says if you won’t take off your clothes then I will tell Vijendra jiju that you saw me without clothes, so now its up to you to think as you will lose your job as well as your life. She further says what are you thinking, now take off your clothes.

Driver takes off his shirt and Rupa sits on bed. She takes off her nighty. She started kissing his chest and belly. Driver grabbed Rupa and she stopped him after which she sets his hair. She started imagining Driver as Vijendra. He asks, what do you mean? and she says that I like you hair like this. The driver started kissing all over her body and she was enjoying it.

Driver started kissing on Rupa’s lips and then he puts her on bed. Driver gets on top of Rupa and then they both started doing passionate kissing. Rupa takes the top position after which she kissed on his chest and lips. Rupa sits on the lap of driver and then he started kissing all over her body again.

The driver takes the top position on Rupa again and he started kissing her body with a lot of intensity. The driver started kissing between the legs of Rupa and she was enjoying it a lot and then he kissed her whole body again. Finally driver started giving pleasure to Rupa and she loved it a lot.

Vimla in her room says that I need to scold Rupa and tell her that in this house, she can’t wear short clothes. Driver was still making love with Rupa on bed and she was enjoying it. Vimla knocked on her door and tells her to open ir. Driver got scared and Rupa shuts his mouth. Vimla asks, who is with you inside the room?

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