Alia’s goon kidnaps Rhea by mistake – Kumkum Bhagya 17 September 2020 Episode Written

Pallavi and Beeji continues the fighting drama at the mandap and Vikram helps them as they break the whole mandap during their fake fight. Mr and Mrs Chaubay gets worried for Maya seeing fight of Ranbir family. Alia hired kidnapper Madan enters the venue. Alia praises Rhea look. Than she gets Madan’s call and she asks him to meet her. Alia asks Rhea to get ready and went to meet Madan. Aryan tries to hide Maya saying before someone caughts her he must hide her. Alia thinks that she has heard Aryan voice. Dushyant fires Gun shot and asks what happened. Vikram says their fight ruined everything. Dushyant says let’s finish the marriage than we can fight and he asks Mrs Chaubay to make Maya wear the traditional family bangles.

Pandit says mandap is ruined so it’s not a good omen until we fix the mandap. Dushyant asks groom and bride to go to their places and asks Ranbir family to fix the mandap like before. Alia meets Madan and asks him to finish her work. Dushyant sees Alia and asks her to help Ranbir family to fix Mandap. Alia recalls his previous warning and thinks to decorate the mandap to make him stay away from Rhea as she can also keep an eye on him and goes to arrange mandap. Mr Chaubay thinks something is fishy. Shahana asks Sarita behan about why she wants to make Ranbir get married to Maya. Sarita behan tells her that Prachi is in the place of Maya.

Mrs Chaubay takes Maya(Prachi) to room. Mr Chaubay takes Ranbir to room and says I don’t know why my daughter likes you. Ranbir says yes I’m bad boy still you’re daughter is behind me. Mr Chaubay says you’re loafer and he didn’t allow Ranbir to leave from that room. Ranbir tries to call Prachi but Mr Chaubay takes phone and says your phone battery is dead.

Alia gives same dress to Rhea which Maya (Prachi) was wearing on the mandap and Rhea thanks her. Alia says save these thanks for after marriage parties and she asks her to get ready. Rhea happily thinks Ranbir is written in her fate. Mrs Chaubay sees Aryan in Maya’s room and asks what’s he doing. Aryan manages saying he thought it’s groom room. Mrs Chaubay says it does happen in marriages. Aryan says did Marriage got completed. Mrs Chaubay says Mahabharata happened in marriage and sends him out. Prachi thinks Aryan comes from washroom and goes to check whether he hides Maya there in a good way or not.

Mrs Chaubay leaves after getting call. Madan enters Maya room in disguise of a waiter. Prachi searches for Maya in washroom and her dupatta get strucked. Madan notices Maya behind sofa and kidnaps her placing under table tray. Mrs Chaubay asks what are you doing here. Madan says he is taking clothes for laundry and leaves from room.

Aryan goes to Ranbir’s room and when he was about say something Ranbir stops him saying Mr Chaubay is here. Mr Chaubay leaves after getting call. Ranbir takes phone from Aryan to call Prachi. Aryan asks him to tell Prachi that he kept Maya in brides room. Ranbir says why didn’t you hide her. Aryan says he couldn’t get time. Ranbir asks him to manage Mr. Chaubay while he is talking with Prachi. Ranbir calls Prachi and thanks her and asks what’s happening with her. Prachi says Maya mom is irritating. Ranbir says Maya is in room itself and asks her to manage. Prachi says Maya mom is in room and if she sees Maya than everything will be over and she goes out.

Rhea eats Pizza and it fell on her dress. She asks beautician to clean the dress. Beautician goes to get tissues. Madan gets confused seeing Rhea with Bride clothes, he tries to call Alia to know who he must kidnap but her phone was unreachable than he goes to Rhea’s room to kidnap her. Rhea looks confused seeing him.

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