ZEE5 Web Series Forbidden Love Episode 4 (Diagnosis of Love) Written Update

A woman named Sudha (Raima Sen) comes to a board meeting and she says that we need a good senior surgeon for our hospital, who works like an artist. Sudha suggests Harsh Thakur’s name but other senior members in the meeting says no as he has a bad past and they fear that investors might not like his inclusion. Sudha gets disappointed and leaves the meeting.

Harsh comes to her girlfriend Kalindi’s house and she was having wine. Harsh says that you lied to me as you said you are not well. Kalindi says I have made a composition and tells him to listen to it. Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo played by Kalindi and after hearing the composition, Harsh says I’ll make a move. Kalindi gets angry and says that you have time to treat a 70 year old lady but you don’t have time to treat your girlfriend. Harsh says ok I will stay. Kalindi tells him to leave and when Harsh was about to leave, she says that I am pregnant. Harsh says wow and Kalindi slaps him. Kalindi says that I expected you to propose me for wedding and get on your knees but you said only wow. Kalindi then again says sorry to him and tells him to punish her as she starts kissing him on bed. Harsh tells her to stop this chlidish behaviour as you are about to become a mother. Harsh leaves the place and Kalindi starts drinking wine again.

Kalindi was found dead on her bed and police takes the pictures of her dead body. Police calls Harsh for interrogation and they told him that in Kalindi’s body a special kind of poison was found which is only available to the doctors. Harsh says that he was doing a surgery when Kalindi died. He introduces the doctor who was assisting him also nurses, and a ward boy.

Harsh tells Sudha that at one point of time I was the best doctor in Pune and now I am jobless. Sudha asks him that you really love her right. Harsh says a lot but even after so many years I did not knew about her bipolar disorder. Harsh started crying and Sudha holds his hand. Sudha’s husband ‘Vaibhav’ (Mahesh Manjrekar) came and says Hi Harsh and Sudha leaves his hand.

Harsh says to Sudha that when you called me and said that your hospital is giving me the job of a senior surgeon, I thought thats my chance at redemption but my past doesn’t leave me. Sudha says for me you are innocent and even police gave you the clean chit. Harsh leaves thanking her.

Sudha tells Vaibhav that I think Harsh is telling the truth and he has not done the murder and I will propose his name once again in the board meeting. Vaibhav says you are giving him clean chit because you need him….. for hospital. Sudha says and I will prove it. Vaibhav says I don’t have any doubt. Sudha kissed Vaibhav on his forehead.

Next day in the board meeting Sudha says that from all the people we’ve shortlisted Dr. Harsh is the best. Sudha then made some counter points in his favor saying he has gotten clean chit. They did a vote and it went in Sudha’s favor after which Harsh Thakur gets appointed as the new senior surgeon of hospital.

In the evening Harsh came to Sudha’s house and he presented her flowers thanking her. Vaibhav says that it seems like you have prepared the thank you speech. Harsh says that I want to take you both on dinner. Vaibhav says I can’t go as I have a football match to watch and he tells him to take Sudha with him. Sudha went to get ready. Vaibhav asks Harsh, where is he taking his wife for dinner. Harsh responds wherever you recommend sir. Harsh leaves with Sudha for dinner. Harsh calls his police friend Aditya (Rannvijay Singh).

At dinner date, Harsh starts flirting with Sudha. He says you look very pretty and Sudha says shut up. Harsh gets nervous seeing Aditya staring at him. He tells Sudha about it. Sudha calls Aditya and says he’s our family friend, ACP Aditya Kenkre. Aditya says I am on official duty here. He tells Harsh did I see you somewhere before. Harsh says I recently shifted to Goa. Aditya leaves from there. Harsh once again flirts with Sudha.

Harsh drops Sudha back home. Vaibhav calls her from behind and she gets shocked seeing him there. Vaibhav tells her that he did not went to see the football match. Sudha says then why you didn’t came with us for dinner. Vaibhav says because I did not want to sit with a criminal. Aditya was also present there and he says Harsh had an accomplice when Kalindi was killed, ‘Anjili Nayar.’ Aditya further reveals that she was also found dead and she was three months pregnant. Sudha asks then why you didn’t arrested him. Aditya says lack of evidence. Sudha did not believed him and tells Vaibhav to take his medicines. Sudha looks at Aditya and says, ‘Such a Dog.’ Aditya asks Vaibhav that why you take so much tablets and Vaidhav says because I am a heart patient.

2 months later Sudha receives a call from Percy uncle and he tells him that in 2 months only Harsh has done 100 operations. Harsh asks her on a coffee date and she agrees. Sudha tells Vaibhav that the guy we used to hate has done 100 operations in 2 months and I won. He asks him where are you going and Sudha says hospital. Vaibhav says but today is off then Sudha says today is special and she winks at him.

At coffee date, Harsh says that I saw your insta pics and you look beautiful. Sudha says so you were stalking me then Harsh says you have also stalked me on facebook. Sudha says I have searched and you are not on facebook. Harsh says exactly and Sudha laughed. Sudha puts her hand on Harsh’s hand and then she removes it.

Aditya and Vaibhav were discussing about football as they were about to go out for a dinner. Sudha came dressed and Aditya says you look pretty. Sudha says don’t flatter me. Vaibhav was having whiskey and Sudha tells him whats this. Vaibhav says its good for heart. Sudha receives a call from hospital and she finds out that a critical patient surgery by Harsh got successful. Sudha says I am going to congratulate him then Vaibhav says but we were going for dinner. Sudha says I’ll join you later.

Suidha celebrated with Harsh and one more doctor over a cup of coffee. Sudha says you are a briliant surgeon and then she says that she needs to leave for dinner. The other doctor leaves and Harsh was also leaving but Sudha stopped him. Sudha starts kissing him and then she stops. Sudha says this is not right. Harsh says I am in love with you and Sudha says me too. Harsh says then don’t be afraid as love is beautiful and they both started kissing again. Vaibhav called and Sudha says I need to leave. Before leaving Sudha tells Harsh that this weekend we will go somewhere out.

Harsh and Sudha started chatting and texting with each other like lovers. Sudha gets dressed and she says bye darling to Vaibhav. She tells him that I am going to a friend’s farmhouse for overnight birthday party. Vaibhav says I am feeling bit uneasy. Sudha says your reports are normal. She gives him tablets and he questions her about the new tablet. Sudha says don’t ask questions to doctor and she makes him consume the tablet. Sudha says bye to him and leaves.

Sudha went to the hotel and she meets Harsh there but she saw Aditya there and leaves saying she can’t take the risk. Sudha comes back home and she confronts both Vaibhav and Aditya. Sudha tells Vaibhav that she loves Harsh and wants to marry him also wants to have kids with him. Sudha tells Aditya to leave and he left. Vaibhav was getting heart attack. Vaibhav called her a two timing bitch. Sudha says that I wanted to be a mother since last 10 years but you did not agreed for surrogacy or adoption as you wanted to be a biological father but you can never be. Sudha says I want a divorce and Vibhav says I will not give you divorce as you will die as my wife. Vaibhav says I will kill that dog Harsh and he fell down after having a severe heart attack. Sudha calls Aditya and tells him to pump his heart. Sudha calls the ambulance and Vaibhav gets admitted to the hospital.

Two days later, Vaibhav was in coma and Sudha meets Harsh in some other room of hospital. Sudha tells him that I feel guilty because he loved me so much and I didn’t feel a thing for him. Both of them were about to kiss and nurse came saying that Vaibhav wakes up.

Sudha comes inside Vaibhav’s room and she locks the door from inside. Vaibhav says I am sorry Sudha, don’t leave me, we will go for adoption and you will become a mother. Sudha says I am pregnant. Vaibhav says Harsh. Sudha says what difference does it make. Vaibhav says I will send you to jail you bitch. Sudha says if you stay alive then as I’m a doctor remember. Aditya and Sudha were shown together sitting on dining table and there was a picture behind them of Vaibhav with garland on it meaning Vaibhav died.

Harsh was calling Suidha and she was disconnecting his call. Sudha then switched off her phone. Harsh went to Sudha’s house on his bike. Harsh meets her and says that Aditya told him that she is here. He says that he was calling her from last three days and she was not picking the phone. Sudha tells him to leave and says that she wants to be alone. Sudha tells him that she is pregnant. Harsh says Vaibhav and Sudha says no. Harsh grabs her by her face and says you used me because you wanted to get rid of Vaibhav. Sudha says and what have you done with Kalindi. Harsh slapped her and says you bloody bitch. Aditya came in police uniform saying take her hands off you tiger. He tells Harsh that you are a threat to woman. Aditya puts her hand on Sudha’s shoulder and says you staying alive is not good for our health. Harsh says that means you are the father and Aditya shoots him.

Next day at board meeting Percy uncle asks Sudha that we have heard that ACP Aditya Kenkre has offered to marry you. Sudha makes crying drama and says that Aditya is a very honest person but more then that a true friend, now Vaibhav’s child will not feel the absence of a father and Vaibhav’s soul will rest in peace. In the background, Vaibhav’s voice says and you will rot in hell you bitch.

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