WWE NXT UK 2 October 2020 Results, Highlights, Jinny makes a statement – Written Details

On todays action packed episode of NXT UK, the Heritage Cup tournament officially kicked off as Noam Dar and Alexander Wolfe battled it out in the first round. Jinny issues a warning to the whole NXT UK Women’s locker room after making a statement against Xia Brookside. Kenny Williams, Ashton Smith and Amir Jordan locked horns for the final spot in Heritage Cup tournament.

WWE NXT UK 2 October 2020 Winners and Losers

1. Kenny Williams vs Ashton Smith vs Amir Jordan Triple Threat Match (Winner will get the final spot in the Heritage Cup Tournament)

Winner – Kenny Williams

Losers – Ashton Smith and Amir Jordan

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan teams up against Ashton Smith and sends him out of the ring at the start of the match. They both ran the ropes and Kenny gets two off of a roll up. Amir dodges a Pele Kick and rolls up Kenny for two count before Ashton flies in out of nowhere and takes out both.

All three competitors gets a series of two counts on each before Ashton Smith hits Amir Jordan with a suplex for two. Kenny sends Ashton out of the ring before Ashton catches him when he goes for a suicide dive before Amir hits a tope onto the two. Back in the ring Ashton sends Kenny to the outside and focuses on Amir before Amir fights off a superplex.

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan hits a European bomb for a near fall before the tag partners gets beat down by the stronger Ashton Smith. Kenny accidentally clotheslines Amir before Ashton hits a blue thunderbomb for a near fall to Kenny. Amir rocks Ashton with an enzuigiri before hitting a flat liner for a near fall and the partners exchange forearms.

Amir Jordan rolls up Kenny Williams for a near fall as it got brokewn by Ashton Smith and Ashton sends Amir out of the ring. Kenny gets a near fall off of a head scissors before Ashton hits a pop up driver for a near fall which Amir breaks up with a Swanton Bomb. Amir then gets a near fall on Kenny before Ashton superkicks Amir out of the ring and Kenny hits a tornado DDT into a jack knife cover for the pin and the victory.

2. Xia Brookside vs Jinny Singles Match

Winner – Jinny

Loser – Xia Brookside

Jinny mocks Xia Brookside and mentions how she’s already beaten her twice before they take each other down and exchange wrist locks. Xia dropkicks Jinny before Jinny cheap shots her before rolling Xia up for a two count. Xia drops Jinny with a stiff forearm. Jinny screams at Xia and smashes her face into the mat before whipping her into the corner.
Jinny grinds the face of Xia Brookside across the ropes before Xia hits a head scissors into a monkey flip before getting two off a crucifix. Xia locks in a submission before Jinny gets to the ropes for the break. Jinny sends Xia face first into the middle turnbuckle. Jinny then snaps the neck of Xia in the ropes before locking in a straight armbar with a chin bar and Xia immediately taps out as a result of which Jinny wins.
After getting the win, Jinny grabs the mic and cuts a promo in which she says that she’s going to become the queen of NXT UK.

3. Noam Dar vs Alexander Wolfe w/Special Guest Referee Pete Dunne – Heritage Cup Round 1 Match

Winner – Noam Dar

Loser – Alexander Wolfe

Noam Dar wins the match against Alexander Wolfe 2-1 and he will face either A-Kid or Flash Morgan Webster in the second round

After the match, Alexander Wolfe argued with special guest referee Pete Dunne. Dunne went after Wolfe and NXT UK champion WALTER came out to help Wolfe. They both double-teamed on Dunne until Ilja Dragunov made the save. Dragunov and Dunne were able to run WALTER and Wolfe off and stand tall in the ring to end the show while the two members of Imperium fled up the entrance ramp.

WWE NXT UK 2 October 2020 All Segments Updates

1. Two video packages were shown featuring promos by Jinny and Xia Brookside before we get a graphic for their match up next.

2. A cryptic video package featuring a promo by Eddie Dennis was show as head into the commercial break.

3. Back from the break, a recap of Flash Morgan Webster being attacked earlier this year with no culprit being revealed in the mean time. We then go to a backstage interview with Flash ahead of his match in the first round of the Heritage Cup next week.

4. An extended video package was shown for A-Kid ahead of his Heritage Cup tournament match next week.

5. A graphic for the return of NXT UK Women’s champion Kay Lee Ray next week was shown before we get a run-down of the match rules for the Heritage Cup tournament

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