Ullu Web Series Takk (Part 1) Episode 1 Written Update with Sailesh & Ruks Khandagale 4 Rounds Hot Scenes Details

The episode starts with narrator saying that exercise is very good for health as it keeps your mind and body young. He further says that some people does exercise in the early morning after which they do work all day but some people does exercise all night and then they sleep after getting tired.

Sailesh was introduced and he is famous amongst married girls as Shaily. Sailesh is a professional GYM instructor and he himself does exercise at night as per the narrator. Sailesh was shown making love with a girl in the day time and the narrator says that he needs an important thing for that.

The girl sits on Sailesh’s lap and she started kissing him on lips. Sailesh started kissing the girl on her neck and she was enjoying it. Yet again they started kissing on each other lips. Sailesh takes off her top and then he grabbed her mouth after which he started intense kissing on her lips.

Sailesh gave a kiss on her navel after which he took off his shirt. The girl gently moved her feet on Sailesh’s body after which she started kissing on his chest. The girl sits on his lap once again after which once again intense kissing started between them.

Sailesh kissed on her back a bit after which he unhooked her bra. The girls takes off Sailesh’s pants and then she gets on top of him after which Sailesh started kissing all over her body. The girls sits down on her knees and she started giving pleasure to Sailesh and he was loving it. Both of them lays down under one sheet and Sailesh started giving her pleasure from behind and she started screaming with enjoyment. The girl and Sailesh finally got satisfied.

Sailesh kissed her and asked her, Darling have you got your fees recovered and she says that only 3 months fees has been recovered till now but I have a 1 year long membership. Sailesh went to washroom and he took a pill after which he went for Round 2.

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Sailesh went to the bedroom and the girl was waiting for him on the bed. Sailesh lays on the bed and he started kissing the girl on lips followed by her body. Girl sits on his laps one more time and intense kissing begins. The girl stands up on bed and Sailesh started intense kissing on her navel after which he started giving her satisfaction from the bottom. Sailesh ends up giving complete satisfaction to the girl.

Sailesh went to the washroom again and he consumes the pill one more time after which he went for Round 3 with the girl. Sailesh satisfies the girl for the third time and this time around He made loves with her on the floor. They both even had a 4th Round. The girl tells Sailesh that I hope that I would have taken a 2 Year membership and he responds then it would have been 7:00 AM of the morning.

Next morning, Sailesh comes to the GYM for work and he had an argument with the receptionist Rinki. Rinki says that she cannot lie for him everyday to Prabhakar sir. Sailesh tells Rinki that you look cute without glasses.

A hot lady came to take membership at the GYM and she got impressed seeing Sailesh. Sailesh went to meet Prabhakar sir. The lady tells Rinki that she wants a one year membership and Rinki tells her the benefits of one year membership. The lady responds, Darling I have just seen the benefits.

Prabhakar sir scolds Sailesh for coming late at the GYM everyday and he tells her to stay away from lady clients. Sailesh tells Prabhakar that last month a lady came and she wanted a refund for her one year membership but I gave her that kind of a crash course in one night that now she wants to renew her membership.

Sailesh manages to manipulate Prabhakar. Rinki came in the Prabhakar’s cabin and she gets shocked seeing him offering water to Sailesh. Rinki tells that a lady client has came but she has a special demand, she wants a home instructor and Sailesh says that he will do the job. Prabhakar tells Rinki to make a standee for Sailesh that he is available for home training and Sailesh tells him that lets make a advertisement board too.

Sailish says that he doesn’t let money of any female client of Alpha Fitness GYM get wasted. Flashback shown – The girl tells Sailesh that I had a lot of fun and my husband says that money gets wasted by going to GYM.

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