WWE RAW 23 June 2020 Full Show Results, Segments Highlights Written Details

In the latest edition of WWE RAW, Drew McIntyre gets a new challenger for his tile also Asuka defends her RAW Women’s Title against Charlotte Flair. Mysterio family contronts Rollins and his goons. Sasha Banks challenges Asuka for the title and Natalya gets a new manager by her side.

WWE RAW 23 June 2020 Winners and Losers

1. The Street Profits (c) vs. The Viking Raiders WWE RAW Tag Team Championship

Winners – The Street Profits (c)

Losers – The Viking Raiders

Erik rocks Montez Ford with a right hand and tags Ivar, who hits a back elbow. Ford and Ivar do cartwheels and tag their partners. All four men do cartwheels. Erik slams Ford and Angelo Dawkins, who dodges a splash from Ivar. Dawkins hits Ivar with a spinebuster. Ford pins Ivar with a Frog Splash picking up the victory retaining the titles. After the match all four men hug and bump but then Angel Garza and Andrade attacked the champions, but the Viking Raiders chase them off.

2. Asuka (c) vs. Charlotte Flair WWE RAW Women’s Championship

Winner – Asuka (c)

Loser – Charlotte Flair

Asuka locks Flair in an armbar, but Flair reaches the ropes. Flair his a chop block and drops Asuka with a Spear for a two count. Asuka rolls Flair up for a two count and locks in an armbar, but Flair powerbombs Asuka. Flair taps out to the Asuka Lock and Asuka retains her title. This is the first time when Asuka defeated Charlotte Flair in a singles match.

3. R-Truth (c) vs. Akira Tozawa WWE 24/7 Championship

Winner – Akira Tozawa

Loser – R-Truth

Before the start of this match, Bobby Lashley comes to the ring and attacks Tozawa’s ninjas. He enters the ring and locks Truth in the Full Nelson. He throws Truth down to the canvas and walks away. Tozawa climbs back into the ring and pins Truth to win the title.

4. Natalya vs. Liv Morgan Singles Match

Winners – Natalya

Losers – Liv Morgan

During Natalya’s entrance, Lana walks down the ramp and accompanies Natalya to the ring. Natalya drops Morgan with a discus clothesline and stomps her in the corner. A shoulder block sends Morgan crashing to the floor. Morgan hits a headscissors takedown. Lana distracts Morgan, and Natalya capitalizes by taking out Morgan’s leg. Morgan taps out to the Sharpshooter. After the end of this match, Natalya hugs Lana, who raises her hand.

5. Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. The IIconics WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Winners – Bayley & Sasha Banks

Losers – The IIconics

Peyton Royce gets a two count on Bayley with a fisherman suplex. Sasha Banks tags in, and the champions double-team Royce. Banks goes for the Three Amigos but Royce counters. She drives Banks into Bayley, but Banks makes Royce tap out to the Banks Statement retaining the titles. After theend of this match, Bayley says she and Banks are good. Banks says, every time Bayley talks about her two titles, Banks feels a little jealous. She says she’s glad Bayley is happy, but she wants to experience what she has. Banks says she wants a title match, so she’s challenging Asuka for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship at WWE Extreme Rules. Asuka comes to the ring and says Banks is not the boss of her, but she accepts the challenge. Banks and Bayley attack Asuka, and Banks locks her in the Bank Statement.

6. Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin Singles Match

Winner – Apollo Crews

Loser – Shelton Benjamin

Apollo Crews rallies with a dropkick, but Shelton Benjamin locks in an armbar. Both men go tumbling to the floor when Crews clotheslines Benjamin to the floor. Benjamin crashes head-first into the ring post. Crews rocks Benjamin with a kick and hits a toss powerbomb for the win. After the match, MVP applauds Crews and tries to raise his arm. Crews tells him to keep his hands off of him. Bobby Lashley attacks Crews and locks him in the Full Nelson.

WWE RAW 23 June 2020 All Segments Updates

1. Drew McIntyre came to the ring and welcomes fans to the show and recaps what happened last week; he had to defend his championship in a tag team match teaming up with R-Truth against Lashley and MVP. McIntyre says it’s time to the future. Dolph Ziggler comes to the ring and says McIntyre is happy to see him. Ziggler says he’s been traded to RAW, along with his tag team partner, Robert Roode. Ziggler tells McIntyre he’s happy to see him as the champion. He says McIntyre owes him; when McIntyre got fired, Ziggler brought him back to RAW. He reminds McIntyre of their history together and says McIntyre is the champion because of him. Ziggler asks for what he’s owed: a WWE Championship match. McIntyre says Ziggler has been losing a lot since they went separate ways. McIntyre further tells Ziggler that he’s become exactly what they used to despise: he’s an entitled jacka–. The champion tells him to imagine what he’s capable of. He asks Ziggler if he really wants to face him. Ziggler nods, and McIntyre makes it official. He says he’ll defend the title against Ziggler at WWE Extreme Rules.

2. Nia Jax takes a chair and sits in the ring. Jax says Charlotte Flair got exactly what she wanted, whether she deserves it or not. Jax says she has been cheated out of both of her title matches. She questions where the fairness is. R-Truth raps his way to the ring. He says Jax is confused because he’s supposed to have a match against the “evil leader of a ninja clan,” Akira Tozawa. Truth wonders whether Jax is the real Akira Tozawa. Jax tells Truth to shut up. Tozawa was behind the broadcast table, and his ninjas chase Truth to the back. Jax refuses to leave, and Flair comes to the ring. Flair says Jax dropped the ball when she got two title shots. Jax says Flair gets what she wants because of who her dad is. Flair says Ric’s new title is Charlotte Flair’s dad. Jax says Flair is delusional if she thinks her dad hasn’t helped her career. Flair sarcastically credits Ric for beating Asuka. Jax says Flair has never beaten her; in their previous encounter, Jax says she dominated Flair. The Irresistible Force says Flair has built her legacy against easy opponents. Jax says she’s the one who will take Flair’s crown. Both women brawl, and officials struggle to break it up. Flair appears to have hurt her arm during the brawl.

3. Backstage, Montez Ford says their rivalry with the Viking Raiders comes down to this title match. The challengers confront the champions. Ford says the Viking Profits aren’t the New World Order; they’re not for life. Angelo Dawkins says they’re forever. Ford says they’re all friends now. They bump fists. Dawkins says, when the bell rings, it’s on and they’ll do whatever it takes to win. Erik warns him that nothing will stop them from taking the titles back. Erik tells them to bring the smoke. After they leave, Zelina Vega shows up and smiles.

4. Backstage, Seth Rollins tells Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory that he has a message for Rey Mysterio. “Soon, all will be revealed,” he says. Rollins further says that he didn’t choose to be the Monday Night Messiah. He says, unlike Mysterio, he has embraced his role. Rollins says Mysterio has been defiant, and defiance breeds suffering. The Monday Night Messiah says that, no matter what happens to Mysterio or Dominik, the blame is on Rey. Rollins says legends may never die, but they can outlive their welcome.

5. Backstage, Charlotte Flair emerges from the trainer’s office with some athletic tape on her arm. She refuses to postpone her title match.

6. Nearby, Andrade and Angel Garza are interviewed. Garza hits on Charly Caruso. Zelina Vega says her clients have formed a united front, and they’re coming for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship.

7. Backstage, Nia Jax says it’d be a shame for someone to kick Flair while she’s down.

8. In a taped segment, Edge says that Randy Orton didn’t live up to his claim of being the better natural wrestler. He says he kept fighting, even when Orton tore his tricep off the bone. Edge says he knew Orton was panicking, which is why he hit Edge below the belt. The Rated R Superstar says he expects to beat Orton, so he’s disappointed that he didn’t see the low blow at WWE Backlash coming. Edge says it won’t happen again and that this match and the injury woke him up; the second Orton punted him and targeted Christian, he brought back the dark side of Edge. Edge further says that he doesn’t care about winning a match; he vows to embarrass Orton and make him wish he was never born. The Rated R Superstar says Orton won’t be okay because he knows what’s coming. He says he’ll be screaming louder than all of the voices in Orton’s head. He promises to tear Orton’s life apart. “You have no idea what you’ve done,” Edge says. “You’ve woke up the evil. You woke up the Rated R Superstar.”

9. Backstage, Randy Orton says, when backed into a corner, a snake will bite. It will strike out blindly, and it will do what it takes to survive. Orton says sometimes he strikes out blindly, but he says he does what he needs to in order to survive. He wishes Edge and Christian speedy recoveries and says they’ll live long, healthy lives as long as they do it far away from him.

10. Backstage, Nia Jax attacks Charlotte Flair and slams her arm in a storage trunk. Jax mockingly “Woos” and walks away.

11. Backstage, Natalya says the RAW women’s division needs her leadership. She says Asuka isn’t the best leader. Natalya says she has an important announcement.

12. Backstage, the Big Show says he capitalized on the chance to punch a ninja. He was glad to lend the Viking Profits a right hand. He says he’s been focused on his acting career, but now he’s here to stand up for his friends. The Big Show says he can be an angry giant, and tonight, that monster is coming out.

13. Ric Flair comes to the ring and says that Nia Jax will wish she worked somewhere else when Charlotte comes back. The Nature Boy says Randy Orton is the best wrestler in the world, and it’ not arguable. He recaps how Orton punted Edge and Christian back into retirement. He calls Orton to the ring. Flair calls Orton the most dominant, vicious performer in WWE. Flair says Orton is the best performer in WWE history. Orton says being in the ring with Flair makes him nostalgic. He says nostalgia can be confused with legacy. Orton says the fire in his gut and the desire to be the Legend Killer isn’t nostalgia; it’s simply cementing his legacy. He said he’s the greatest wrestler ever, and the voices in his head like being called the Legend Killer. The Big Show comes to the ring and says he won’t let Flair glorify Orton’s actions. He says Orton will pay for what he did to Christian and Edge. He calls Orton a narcissistic parasite, and says Orton latches onto competitors who make him better. Big Show further says Orton lacks the motivation to make himself better. He says he and Orton both know that Edge will pay him back. But the Big Show says he’s going to break every bone in Orton’s body. Orton says Flair paved the way for them, and the two of them are friends. Orton says he thinks the world of the Big Show and calls him a future Hall of Famer. He calls the Big Show a legend and says it’d be tragic for the Big Show to suffer the same fate that Edge and Christian did. Orton leaves the ring and says the Big Show knows what he’s capable of. Orton says he’s motivated,and what happens next is on the Big Show.

14. Backstage, Bobby Lashley says it’s R-Truth’s fault he’s not the WWE Champion. MVP says that Lashley isn’t distracted now, and their association has done wonders for his career. MVP says he can do the same thing for Apollo Crews, who doesn’t get the business side of being a champion. He says he can help Crews reach new heights, but if he makes the wrong decision, it’s on him.

15. Backstage, Liv Morgan says nothing is going her way lately, and when Ruby Riott tries to talk to her,Morgan says she doesn’t need Riott to make her feel even worse.

16. MVP welcomes everyone to the VIP Lounge and says it’s a privilege for anyone to be on the show. He introduces the man who may be his next client, the WWE United States Champion, Apollo Crews. MVP says he gained a lot of respect for Crews when he beat him in the ring. But he says Crews was reckless when he got hurt, so he needs someone to help him navigate bad decisions. MVP says the United States Championship is his ticket to success. Crews says he’s gotten this far without MVP’s help so, while he appreciates the offer, his answer is still no. MVP further says that Crews has the potential to be one of the greatest United States Champions of all time, but he won’t be able to do it without MVP. Crews wonders why that’s the case and says he’s been dealing with people like MVP for a long time. Crews says he won’t let MVP or the title change who he is. MVP reminds Crews of his historic run with the title and says this is his last chance. He says the title is coming home where it belongs. Crews squares off with MVP, but Shelton Benjamin comes to the ring. MVP distracts Crews, and Benjamin attacks him. MVP tells Crews to never put himself in a two-on-one situation.

17. Backstage, Rey Mysterio tells Dominik to trust him, and says they’ll show Seth Rollins what the Mysterio Family is all about.

18. Rey Mysterio comes to the ring and says that one of the most terrifying things that can happen to a parent is being unable to reach their child. Mysterio says Dominik scared him last week, when he confronted Seth Rollins. He says Dominik escaped Rollins last week, and he’s proud of him. Mysterio is also angry at his son for putting himself at risk. He says he accepts what Rollins did. Mysterio tells Dominik he’ll always be his son, and now it’s his turn to fight for him. Mysterio says he needs to get revenge on his own. Dominik says he’s not going anywhere, and tells Rollins that this family wants a fight. Seth Rollins comes to the stage and tells the duo that they’re putting him in a difficult position. He wonders whether to slaughter Mysterio or sacrifice Dominik. Rollins further says that it’s not up to him; it’s destiny. Rollins walks down the ramp and drops to his knees. Murphy and Austin Theory walk down the ramp, but they’re attacked by Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo, who dives onto the disciples outside the ring. Mysterio drops Rollins with a 619, and Dominik, Mysterio, Black and Carrillo attack him. Murphy and Theory save Rollins. Rollins tries to make Mysterio watch while he blinds Dominik, but Black and Carrillo chase him off.

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