Naughty Dogs did False Advertising Last of Us Part 2 Showing Fake Scenes and Trailers – Fans Angry

Much awaited Sony’s first party studio action adventure story sequel game ‘The Last of US Part 2’ has been released earlier this week and this game is getting into more and more controversies with every passing day. First of all there were leaks months before its release spoiling the critical parts of the story which got a lot of fans angry as the leaks were bad then Naughty Dogs tried to damage control by putting up some trailers in the public domain trying to mislead the fandom hinting that those leaks were fake and Joel will get a bigger part alongside Ellie in this 25 hour long game. But in the end it turns out that those leaks were true and Naughty Dogs and Sony made a fool out of the millions of fans who were eagerly waiting for this game.

The scene which we are talking about here is the one in which someone puts his hand on Ellie’s mouth from behind and she turns around sees Joel (Shown in the fake trailer) says

“What the hell are you doing here?” she asks.

“You think I’d let you do this on your own?” Joel says

But in original game it was Ellie’s friend Jesse as in the original game by this point, Joel is long dead.

Well this clearly shows that both Sony and Naughty Dogs tried to make fans think thats its going to be a revenge plot in which Joel will help Ellie in taking the revenge but in reality its the revenge plot of Joel’s death by Ellie which ended in the most stupid way you can imagine. Also just imagine the outrage if this kind of false advertising was done by any other company like EA or Bathesda. Well till the time actual die hard fans of Sony’s first party exclusive games doesn’t oppose these kind of scummy tactics by voting with their wallets, well the higher ups will keep on fooling the fans.

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