WWE RAW 16 June 2020 Full Show Results, Segments Highlights Written Details

The post Backlash 2020 show of RAW has been aired earlier tonight and we saw an unsanctioned match between Orton and Christian. Ric Flair has once again shown us that why he’s been called as the dirtiest player in the game. Lashley asks Lana for a divorce. IIconics challenges Bayley and Banks to a title match next week also Drew McIntyre defends his WWE Title in a tag team match.

WWE RAW 16 June 2020 Winners and Losers

1. Kevin Owens vs. Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega Singles Match

Winner – Kevin Owens

Losers – Angel Garza

During this match Angel Garza and Andrade gets into an argument hearing which Zelina Vega says that she is sick of all this and leaves for backstage. Owens hits Garza with a Stunner and picks up the win. After the end of this match, both Andrade and Garza started arguing again. Vega walks back down to the ring and tells them that they both want the same thing. Instead of fighting each other, they need to fight together. Andrade and Garza follows Vega backstage.

2. The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits vs. Akira Tozawa and Ninjas 8 Man Tag Team Match

Winners – The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits

Losers – Akira Tozawa and Ninjas

Erik lands a double knee strike to Ninja one. Dawkins spears Ninja two. The Street Profits and Viking Raiders both together hits the Cash App on the ninjas for the win. After the end of this match, Akira Tozawa calls the Big Ninja. The Viking Profits call on the power of the Big Show. Show clears the ring. Tozawa backs the Big Ninja off to fight another day.

3. The IIconics (Peyton Royce and Billie Kay) vs. Natalya and Liv Morgan Tag Team Match

Winner – The IICONICS (Peyton Royce and Billie Kay)

Losers – Natalya and Liv Morgan

At the end of this match, Liv Morgan rolls up Billie Kay but Peyton Royce distracts the referee. Kay kicks out at one. The IIconics hit a Fall From Grace and picks up the win. After the end of this match, Royce and Kay challenge Sasha Banks and Bayley to a tag title match tonight. After getting no response, Royce and Kay says they will get the match made for next week.

4. Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin Singles Match

Winners – Apollo Crews

Losers – Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin tries to pin Apollo Crews with his feet on the ropes. The referee catches Benjamin. In the confusion. Crews rolls up Benjamin and uses the ropes for leverage picking up the win.

5. Drew McIntyre (c) and R-Truth vs. MVP and Bobby Lashley WWE Championship Match

Winners – Drew McIntyre (c) and R-Truth

Losers – MVP and Bobby Lashley

During this match, R-Truth tags himself in and gets hit with a suplex by MVP. MVP and Bobby Lashley work over Truth. Truth manages to tag in McIntyre, who clears the ring. McIntyre eventually hits the Claymore on MVP. McIntyre tags in Truth and helps him hit a splash picking up the win and retaining McIntyre WWE Title.

6. Asuka (c) vs Nia Jax RAW Women’s Championship Match

Winner – Asuka

Loser – Nia Jax

Asuka hits Nia Jax with a double foot stomp. Jax pulls off the Samoan drop on Asuka and went for the cover but Asuka’s foot was under the ropes. Jax pushes the referee. The referee was about to disqualify Jax but Asuka rolls Jax up. The referee fast counts Jax and Asuka wins the match.

7. Christian vs. Randy Orton Unsanctioned Match

Winner – Randy Orton

Loser – Christian

Before the beginning of this Ric Flair walks down to the ring and begs Christian to stop this. Christian says he has to do this. Flair low blows Christian. Randy Orton punts Christian. Christian was out cold as he wasn’t moving. Orton rolls Christian over and pins him. Orton apologizes to Christian. After the end of this match, Orton yells at Christian that he didn’t want to do this to him. Orton tells the medical staff to take care of Christian. Orton was acting super concerned. This was all Christian’s fault says Orton. all of it is but Christian has to forgive Orton. Orton demands Christian understand.

WWE RAW 16 June 2020 All Segments Updates

1. Randy Orton comes to the ring and gloats about winning the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever at Backlash 2020. Orton thanked Edge for reminding him that he’s the legend killer and then takes credit for tearing apart Edge’s triceps from the bone after which Orton jokes that he will see Edge in another 9 years. Christian interrupts Orton and calls him a son of a bitch. Orton says he knows what Christian wants, he wants one more match. Christian says he isn’t interested, Orton replied saying that he knows that Christian isn’t medically clear but it will be an unsanctioned match. Orton adds that the offer remains till the end of the night and if Christian says no then he will be known as a coward.

2. Backstage, MVP tells Bobby Lashley he is going to get him everything that he promised him. Later, MVP says that tonight they are going to address the reason because of which Lashley isn’t WWE Champion right now.

3. Both Bobby Lashley and MVP were in the ring and MVP says that last night Lashley got his dream ruined and it was all Lana’s fault. Lana came down to the ring and says that she loves her husband and will not do anything to hurt him. MVP calls Lana a thot and Lashley asks Lana for a divorce.

4. Backstage, Seth Rollins says that he knows Dominick is here tonight against his father’s wishes. Rollins says that he needs Dominick here. Rollins is going to deliver a message tonight.

5. Seth Rollins comes to the ring with Murphy and Theory and says that he invited Rey Mysterio to come to RAW this week. He knows Mysterio isn’t cleared to be here. Rollins just wants to talk. Rollins calls Mysterio a hero. Mysterio declined Rollins’ invitation. Fortunately, Mysterio’s son Dominick is here tonight. Mysterio appears on the ‘Tron and says he couldn’t stop Dominick from going there. Rollins says he just wants to help Dominick. Rollins tells Mysterio to tell his son to join him. Mysterio says Rollins is crazy. Rollins says he will have to make an example out of Dominick. Dominick has two choices. Join Rollins or he can become a sacrifice. Rollins drops to his knees. Dominick enters the ring from behind and attacks Rollins. Murphy and Theory run down to the ring as they tried to trap Dominick. Dominick manages to escape through the crowd.

6. Backstage, R-Truth says that he wants to give his condolences to Bobby Lashley for getting sent to Claymore Country, wherever that is.

7. Backstage, MVP and Booby Lashley finds R-truth under the ring. R-truth was fighting with the ninjas. McIntyre walks in and calls Lashley a clown. MVP says if McIntyre had any integrity left in him then he’d put his title on the line tonight. R-Truth too. R-Truth accepts the challenge. McIntyre was upset but he agrees. R-Truth says at the end of the night he could be the new Becky Two-Belts. McIntyre tells R-Truth that’s not how this works.

8. Backstage, Big Show warns Christian to think long and hard before doing this thing with Orton. Christian says he knows what he’s got to do.

9. Backstage, Natalya blames Liv Morgan for the loss tonight. Natalya says she gets why Ruby Riott let Morgan go. Morgan walks off. Natalya says that she built this division and she is getting nothing for it. Lana walks in and says she understands. The two complain to each other.

10. Christian comes down to the stage and accepted Randy Orton’s challenge for an unsanctioned match tonight.

11. Backstage, MVP tells Apollo Crews that he is proud of him. MVP tries to explain to Crews that he shouldn’t be a fighting champion, he should be a smart champion. MVP offers to help Crews. Crews says thanks, but no thanks. MVP says the only way Crews will keep the US title is by having him in his corner.

12. Backstage, Ric Flair asks her daughter Charlotte Flair what’s next for her. Charlotte says she does what she wants.

13. Backstage, Drew McIntyre tells R-Truth to get serious.

14. Backstage, Asuka says that Nia Jax started this fight but she’s going to finish it.

15. Backstage, R-Truth tells Drew McIntyre that he spoke to the management and tonight only WWE Championship will be on the line in their tag team match against Bobby Lashley and MVP.

16. Backstage, Big Show tells the Street Profits and the Viking Raiders to just fight in a title match and get it over with.

17. Backstage, Ric Flair tells Christian that Christian isn’t ready to compete against Randy Orton tonight.

18. Bayley and Sasha Banks gloats about their victory last night. Bayley says they are going to celebrate her birthday all week. The IIconics walks out and demand a title shot. Royce smacks Banks. Bayley yells about her birthday being ruined. Bayley accepts the challenge.

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