Woh To Hai Albelaa episode 5 written updates 18 March 2022 – Sayuri’s scooty hits Krishna’s bike

While Krishna was annoying Sayuri, Indu and Dadi came. Indu says why are you fighting and Sayuri says Krishna should be slapped hard. Dadi says don’t you dare touch him and Krishna thanked Dadi for supporting him. Dadi tells Krishna that tonight I will be ready for the vlog video and Rashmi tells Krishna that Priya is also his big fan. Krishna says thanks Pri and Sayuri says her name is not Pri but Priya.

Nakul took the clip off Rashmi’s hair and she started daydreaming about him. Rashmi came back to her senses and Sayuri was about to leave but the watchman locked the gate telling them that Saroj has barred you from going out of this gate. Krishna and Nakul went out of that gate and Sayuri took the u-turn.

Chiru was leaving with Tej and Dhanraj after seeking Saroj’s blessings. Sayuri came there on her scooty with Rashmi and just to make her jealous Saroj loudly told Chiruu to come back soon as Padit ji is coming in the evening with marriage proposals. Sayuri heard Saroj’s word and she got lost after which her scooty hits Krishna’s bike.

Saroj started bad mouthing Sayuri for hitting Krishna’s bike. She says I will take back your scooty and Sayuri responds this scooty is ours as my father gave you a car in return of this. Dhanraj says she is absolutely right we gave them 2 wheeler in return on 4 wheeler so we should gift them another scooty. At last Sayuri leaves from there with Rashmi and Priya as well as Krishna leaves with Nakul.

Saroj and Kusum were preparing sweets for the evening and Saroj sees Indu and Dadi being happy. She started getting jealous and says I don’t know why these Sharma’s have so much of attitude and why there happiness is not getting less.

Indu and Dadi had a conversation about Sayuri’s marriage and Indu says there was a time when Balwant wanted Sayuri to get married to one of Dhanraj’s son but now forget about talking we can not even think about it. Dadi says if Sayuri went to that house then it will be like giving a goat to a hungry lion. Indu says yes Sayuri has suffered a lot and we can’t take away her happiness like this.

At college some boys were misbehaving with Rashmi telling her to go to the fashion competition with them and wear shorts & backless top. Nakul came there and he warned them to stay away from her otherwise Krishna will take care of them. Rashmi got impressed with Nakul. Nakul tells her to go to canteen with him and she says I brought tiffin and Nakul responds I will eat it.

Sayuri was calling Chiru but he was busy in the meeting. Krishna came there holding a board and he got bumped Sayuri after which Krishna’s name got printed on her dupatta. Krishna says from now on this dupatta of your is on my name. Sayuri says if I wasn’t in college then I would have burnt it and Krishna says nobody can burn my name. Sayuri says just like you even your name got printed upside down, Krishna shows her a mirror and says its straight but you can’t see it my biggest enemy.

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